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Open Space Technology

Exploring relationships between OpenIDEO meet ups, open space technology and the OI engine

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Open space technology is applied by Organisations looking to study  complexities in organisations and resolve some of those challenges in one sitting, it is almost the Design thinking process with a more random approach. 

The OI engine enables organisation leverage numbers to find answers to some design problem Identified . Open IDEO meetup might be considered as networked hybrids of the process. By design, a series of  3 people in a remote location meetups connecting on a challenge form networks of communities willing to gather and talk things out, exploring material posted on OpenIDEO and hold conversations on new layers and possibilities ( Lego Effect).

What is the Relationship between the two processes?

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Wekesa Zablon


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Very fascinating to read up a bit on open space technology Wekesa. Have you participated in the experience? Perhaps this might be an opportunity to think about how OpenIDEO meetups might evolve in the future:T

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Hey Shane,
It sure is, I have participated in one ( . We had people come in ( volunteers ) from conservancy  interest groups.. Looking at meet-ups in this light, I see a host of possibilities moving from one interest area to another and having the freedom to chose where you what to be during the OST set-up worth exploring, my observation was having interacted with processes on OpenIDEO made my day more exciting, fun and productive maybe because of the similarities in process . The challenge is getting to interact with what happens in the network in-depth though I agree contexts might vary but some kind on "process to outcome mapping" might be a good start.
 Cheers, Wekesa