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Open innovation as an innovation strategy happening within networks to leverage shared value

Open innovation can be understood as a strategy adopted by companies to leverage their innovation capacity (quali and quantitatively).

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Reading the other contributions, I am taking the risk of seeming too business driven, but I think it is worth trying, as innovation has a huge contribution to this dimension.
This strategy should be intentional as it is not trivial to make it happen. One must also understand that it is not black and white (close OR open). There are many shades of grey, meaning that companies have to decide what, where, when, with whom and sometimes for how much projects or themes should be open. 
I have a friend that says that the best situation is the one that you have something that has small cost for you, but has great value for someone else, and vice-versa. Therefore, both reciprocally open what they have to receive something valuable.
I would say that this might be a description of shared value. Not one value that is shared, but each one finding value on the relationship that is established.
With this in mind, I would say that open innovation is a strategy that happens in networks of innovation to create shared value.
Does it make sense?

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