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Millenials and Open Innovation

Students in the schools of Bogotá - Colombia supporting the challenge of how to reintegrate the victims and guerrillas in the social live.

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Colombia has been whipped by the war for more than 65 years. This year it looks like the war will finish finally with the sign of the peace between the government and Farc guerrilla. Is time to think how we will reintegrate the victims and the guerrilleros in the social live.

Millenials are the people born from 1983 to 2000. Some of these people are in the schools right now and they will be generators of new ideas. We use open innovation by giving to the students challenges about the post conflict era in Colombia and using the Human Centered Design to create possibilities to reinsert the people. We are just a channel to group the students creativity. Reinsert means jobs, education, respect and memory.

HCD and open innovation will help us to bring ideas to life. Our challenge: convince the people and the government of the importance of reinsert the people with solutions designed to satisfy their needs.

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Juan David Valdivieso Geaci Co-founder


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Thanks for the share Juan! This is quite inspiring to hear what your team is doing. Can you provide a link to your platform so our community may learn more about the challenge to reintegrate life in Colombia?

Photo of Juan David Valdivieso

Thank you for your response Shane. Right now we don´t have a "platform" but we use a community page in Facebook. The problem is that is only in Spanish ( We are working right now in the challenge so we don't have too much info but we will update the community soon. 
In this moment we are in the Design Kit: Facilitator course of IDEO and ACUMEN and we will make the workshop with students of Bogotá.