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Implement community sensitizing to reduce climate change effect and fight against women sexual violence and VBG.

This proposal will contribute to sustainable process to fight against women violence and contribute to reduce climate change effect

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To meet the needs for the households of the bordering populations for their subsistence, the poor rural communities depend on the forests where they are supplied out of firewood and other biomass to prepare their food but also the search for some food plants as well as other consumable foresters (small animals); this would have consequences: a strong pressure exerted on the forests causing the devastation of the foresters zone, the disappearance of certain species animals destruction of the biodiversity as well as the disturbance of the environment which leads not only to the reduction of the rain and the exposure to the dryness but also to the reduction of the agricultural activities having led to the exhaustion of the natural resources, to the underdevelopment of the zones touched like with the disturbance of the climate (climatic change). In the search for the solutions to the problems arising and for rebuilding successfully of the resilience of this community, it proves very necessary to inform and stimulate the awakening of this community through a strong sensitizing of all the sociopolitical layers constitute by the bordering community concerned (the local leaders, local churches, local associations or organizations) and all the population. This project aims at sensitizing the bordering communities which use the forests like principal source of supply foodstuffs and essential products, for their subsistence, through a new approach which consists to give up their old design of forest like only resource for their subsistence and to consider new resources of suppliers out of the forests zone to build their resilience. The building of the resilience of these communities will have effect with the support of the generating activities of incomes and the local agricultural activities that is a principal subsistence activity of the rural community.

The first activity relates to the granting of microcredit for the small trade with the bordering women gathered in associations of local solidarity, to help them to meet the primary needs for their household and to contribute to school education of their children.

The second activity consists of the hiring of the fields which we call Community field of solidarity and with the supply agricultural seeds which will be distributed to each solidarity group in order to restart their agricultural activity formerly abandoned because of the insecurity and conflicts accompanied by sexual violence of which was victims these women and their daughters. The agricultural activity impact will be the social cohesion through the experience sharing of the ones and others and the mutual cure of the wounds and psychological trauma caused by violence perpetrated against them by the armed groups.

The third activity consists in granting a credit of breeding the heads of the households having been formerly cattle breeders which they unfortunately lost in the war and conflict as well as the spontaneous organization with plundering by the armed groups. Consequently they do not know by where to start again their work of breeding of large and smaller live-stocks which allowed them to generate incomes through the consumption and the sale of the dairy products, of the meat... for food self-sufficiency in the fight against malnutrition, have health access and to contribute to the school education of their children. The most serious consequence which was followed from there is that all the community sees itself reduced with an extreme poverty because their richness was consisted of agriculture and the breeding. But also while fighting against the climatic change this activity of breeding has a positive impact on the fertility of the soil that can support vegetation when the animal excrements are exploited like fertilizer of zero cost and to a certain extent like source of renewable energy by the manufacture of biogas to be used in the place of the firewood and its exploitation which will contribute positively to the gas reduction for purpose of greenhouse which is the annoying consequence with the daily exposure to the chronic pulmonary diseases. This project also aims at stimulating the voluntary participation of the community to be protector from the forest reserves while becoming themselves the actors of a positive change through a communication for the change of behavior who concerned single subject which is the protection of the forest species which are in.

Four us we are so proud with OpenIdeo because its offer an opportunity to innovator, researcher and all contributor to develop some idea to contribute to find some solution for many world challenges like "giving hope to the marginalised community and rebuilding  their resilience in goal to support their well-being" but also give us space to meet and share experience for stimulated donor and philanthrop and other to take action. 

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RICHARD BACHUNGUYE: Coordinator of ADMnon-profit

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