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Human-Centered Story Telling

Opening the dialogue, and changing the narrative to open up the way we think about collaboration

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        Main stream media plays a pivotal role on what and how we think. When all we see on the news are U.S. shootings, we may think that the U.S. is plagued with danger. Today, we are almost unlimited in the amount of media we are exposed to, and anyone can be a "storyteller". We tell stories on youtube, on podcasts, and on the news. The problem is we tend to tell stories of us - ourselves and people like us.

        There is little diversity in mainstream media and when there is, we often misconstrue the stories of others - these are stories of people foreign to us, unfamiliar, and seemingly distant. When we misconstrue stories, we do ourselves and others a disservice. The way we can combat prejudice and incorrect preconceptions is through human-centered story telling.

        Human-centered story telling gives us the opportunity to step into the lives of others as equals and active participants from all sides. It is then that we can collaborate openly. By immersing ourselves in new places and leveling ourselves with active participants, we can open up path towards more progressive open innovation.

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Aaron Wong


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Love how you're celebrating human-centered storytelling Aaron! You'll might be interested to check out our OpenIDEO Medium channel where we share impact stories - often from the point of view of our community.

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Wow! I am shocked I haven't come across OpenIDEO stories before. I love hearing how others are creating social change, and I'm glad OpenIDEO has begun to cultivate these stories. You should check out Studio Dilitt ( ), they have great videos and stories. I think they have really spear-headed a great beginning towards creating more human-centered story tellers and human-centered stories. I've learned to love human-centered story telling because it embraces the ambiguity we encounter when meeting "strangers" and how surprising what people have to say can be.