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Hosting an Events on Climate Change

Hosting an event on climate change in Sierra Leone is very challenging , but has a rewarding impact on the participants.

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OpenIDEO carefully or unconsciously challenged me with great tasked. Tasked that really gave me a plus amongst my colleagues . Also it helped me about sacrificial leadership in this era in my country,Sierra Leoneans are very hesitant to take useful ventures. As a result it affects lot of visions or innovations. I made sacrifice in order to host the event because it was global and national benefits. During the preparation some of my colleagues were so skeptical about it. Their skepticism motivated me to go through the tasked. Some of them was thinking that Open IDEO funded the event because a poor man like can not host a such event with global and international content. Until later they realized that it was funded by me

The event about climate change which took place in Freetown with 17 participants in order to design sustainable solutions to mitigate climate change in Sierra Leone. Though the event was challenging but was really a rewarding to the participants. During the presentations, the host talked about the science of climate change. Representative from Environmental Protection Agency talk about the causes of climate change in Sierra Leone. The Meteorological Department of Sierra Leone talked about the stastical record of climatic conditions in Sierra Leone. Participants learned a lot and they really appreciated the event.

After these presentations the participants were allocated into groups for brainstorming . After their brainstorming they presented the following ideas. 1.They illustrated the solutions opportunities for climate change in Sierra Leone .2. They illustrated weak awareness strength about climate change in Sierra Leone. They illustrated that the negative impacts or signs of climate change was as a result of misfortune or judgment from God ,majority people do not attributed it as a result of human activities.

During the discussion we evaluated individual confident rate for implementation of innovative solutions for climate change in Sierra Leone. Out of the total votes their were 54% participants with high confident rate for implementation of the innovative solutions, 39% with low confident and 5% with no confident. The Team is so zealous to build strong awareness strength to students, local leaders, government officials and children to stop cutting trees without replacing-planting. The team need logistics .

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Albert Jengo

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