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HitRecord: Disrupting Creative Production

HitRecord is a new kind of online community working together as a production company

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Before doing anything, watch the awesome intro video at HitRecord (which I can't embed here as it's not officially on YouTube)

Actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt launched HitRecord – an online collaborative production company. By now they've produced short films, books and DVDs with others who are up for reviewing and remixing their own and other’s creative outputs.

“In January 2010 at the Sundance Film Festival, HitRecord launched its new website and introduced its new professional production methodology, allowing contributing artists to be paid for their work. He invited audiences to collectively collaborate with him in the filmmaking process, and create, record, and remix each other's art with the goal of creating cohesive short multimedia work that would have a special screening at the end of the Festival.That year, Joseph sent out $50,000 worth of checks to its contributors. The site now hosts nearly 80,000+ membersand pulls in about 1,000 videos, songs, text pieces and artworks daily.” – Wikipedia

What might other open innovation initiatives learn from HitRecord's approach? What role does community engagement play in open innovation? 

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Love this Meena! I can't believe HitRecord was launched in 2005, but I'm only learning about it now. It's great to see how collaborations end up contributing to finished products — which is a big incentive for engagement from the community. Allowing community members to start their own mini "challenges" is also a fascinating approach. Lots of lessons to be learned from this model. Thanks for the share! 

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Indeed – it's still affordable for a classroom budget, methinks. I don't know how much the platforms / backend have changed... but when I used it, they were super user-friendly and helpful on forums + support desk.

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