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Dev4X is a group of open innovators coming together to solve a huge grand-challenge, providing education to the most under-served children!

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We have huge challenges in education today, it's costly to scale current approaches and our educational models are outdated.

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Our current educational approaches cannot scale to reach the most underserved children, UNESCO estimates it will take until 2086 before they are reached. Additionally, current approaches are teaching kids what we no longer need: how to memorize information, prepare for tests, do repetitive tasks with minimal errors and become good obedient followers. However, 60% of current jobs that require those types of skills will soon disappear, and 65% of jobs our grade school kids will be entering into have not yet been invented.

The education our kids now need has dramatically changed. They need to learn core new skills like, critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, agility, analyzing information, curiosity and imagination. These new needs will not only require us to fundamentally change our educational approaches, but we will also need to fundamentally update their delivery mechanisms so that they can scale to all children, especially to those most underserved!

Our project is about fundamentally re-designing how education can be delivered with a core focus on reaching those most underserved!

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For more information about our open project or to contact me, see below:

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Bodo Hoenen - Social Entrepreneur, Founder @DEV4X


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Bodo, thanks for sharing an inspiring project addressing such an important issue. You mentioned that this was an open project and I'm not completely sure what you mean by that. I would love to know more about this. 
I'm also wondering how much kids can themselves be involved in the creation of content. (I could not help thinking of Mitra's school in the cloud project). Thanks!Good luck for phase 2 of Dev4x!

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Hello Anne-Laure

We are an open project in that we believe this should be a project built by the people for the people. as opposed to a top down project like most others are. This is especially important when working with communities around the world with whom we need to built trust and strong relationships with. But we are also open from a technological perspective, and you can view this short video (see top of page) that explains that open approach more:

Soon we should have a mechanism for kids to really get involved. Its an exciting project we are undertaking with numerous others. We are creating a mechanism to crowdsource solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are approaching kids from around the world to create, and share project based learning initiatives that help solve these challenges. These Project Based Learning initiatives will be incorporated in the Dev4X learning platform and allow children to actively take part in creating real impact within their communities from a young age. This is really important for us as we want to make sure we show these children just how important they are and that they can make a difference and do matter even at their young ages. We are also keenly excited to see how these children are then able to transform their communities from the ground up in addition to learning important skills.

You are right, this is close to what Sugata Mitra is doing and, he is a good friend and advisor.

Next step for Dev4X is to develop the learning map, and we are approaching educational organizations that would want to provide their children with a self-directed personalized learning experience, to see if they would want to help us build this. If you know of any we should reach out to, please do let me know. Here is a blog post about the learning map:

Thank you for your support!

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