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Virtual Team Rooms

Have a virtual environment where contributors can interact and record their progress or ideas.

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Provide virtual team rooms, similar in concept to or Yahoo Groups, but with more real-time functionality such as a dedicated call-bridge, collaboration interfaces similar to etc. 

While I know it is "always best" to meet in person, be the platform through which geographically separated people can feel as close to in-person as possible. Try to get away from the message board effect and create more of a sticky note visual environment for idea sharing and collaborative work. Encourage communication through sketches and imagery methods.

By example, take a look through a lot of the functionality found here: (scroll down)
Now imagine instead of collaboration on screen for an interface, what you were marking up and commenting on were sketches or ideas. This would allow folks to post a comment over an area of an idea, and thus break the pattern of discussion post message boards as the interaction medium as well as open up the team to process management Agile Scrum style.

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Gabriel Landowski


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Hey @Gabriel ,
This sounds really exciting .. Especially with related posts on openIDEO often we find ideas with related factions but the inability to bring the two ideators in the a given time scape "holdback" the level of collaboration ... am Curios tho and infrastructure and real "timeness" of  the virtual team room.. the easy of function using ( ) for instance ..
  Wekesa Zablon 

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I think one of the blockers for me has always been the idea that we have to be on the same page|time|location in order to advance ideas. The thing I like about these challenges is that I can come and contribute as I have time, thus making better use out of what I have available. The problem for me is that sometimes the meetups, if possible to attend, turn the experience into scheduling etc just like a job. I'm a huge proponent of moving the ball forward using technology such as this to allow for asynchronous productivity. More importantly, the virtual room will allow us to better capture the experience of the collaboration for the entirety of the web to share and enjoy - sometimes great work is done in person but the details are not available for the betterment of others long after the project|effort is over.  

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I think that's why Slack works so well for me and my teams. It's less formal, and more conversation based. You are able to compartmentalise topics, and you get notifications when someone enters something. It feels more like a messenger app, therefore, I feel like I can be more casual, reply quicker, work faster, and still keep organized.

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I agree.

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