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Replace money as the solution to reduce poverty

Find alternative assets that alleviate poverty, without the need to have money

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We need to find alternatives to money as solutions for alleviating poverty. This is critical from two simple perspectives - money never effectively reaches the world's poor and even if it does, the poor never have enough and they do not how to manage it.

Technology should evolve to enable the world's poor to elevate the quality of their lives without the use of money. Is there a way this can be done? Yes definitely. All of us must be reading about the emergence of "blockchain" as the next big thing to impact the financial world. We all know about the financial industry's efforts to make Bitcoin a respectable currency format.

Can we design, implement and activate a system that is based on the principle of "social credit" for the world's poor? It is a simple monetary cum reward system that works using "social credits" to uplift the quality of life? At the very bottom of the pyramid, every individual is given a "level of credit" to begin with. These initial provisions of credit are used by the individual to get access to the most basic needs of human life - food, shelter, clothes and access to medicines. With his / her basic needs met by the initial provision of "social credit", the individual is free to search for opportunities for meaningful contributions towards society or his / her immediate vicinity. As he / she contributes (either by volunteering to run a medical centre, using skills for sowing land and growing crops, help in building houses etc.), he is given "social credits" as a form of payment. This income in the form of "social credits" can be utilised by this individual to get access to a bigger house, opportunities for skill building and access to higher levels of education etc.

Till a particular level, this "social credit" system will continue. After an individual reaches a specific level, he or she exists the "social credit" system into a system driven by traditional money. When he or she reach this stage, they are not in abject poverty, but in a much better, more sustainable and balanced, and higher quality of life.

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Sandeep Das


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Nice thought sandeep. But far from being practical because to start off with you need every village in India to be connected in terms of basic amenities like electricity and internet.
Firstly i feel there needs to be a awakening among people as how bad our situation as a whole is. Both in terms of poverty and corruption.
We need to create a platform for the people to participate in changing the course of the world around them through crowd funding.
People making change. We are all in a generation where we are connected and we can utilise technology to bring people closer and eradicate basic social evil like poverty.
My team has designed a mobile app that can change the way we trade.
Let us know if you are interested in knowing more.

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