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Rapid cycling of ideas and proto-typing

Have beneficiary teams interface in real time with idea generation groups, and look for ways to prototype ideas that look promising

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Thinking as a potential beneficiary, I'd want to be connected to the groups that are generating ideas to help me so that I can help them get familiar with things they would not otherwise know about my situation.  I'd want to be in on the idea generation process because I have a rich understanding of my context, and this is mission critical to efficient use of time in open innovation.  

I like the idea of virtual team rooms, so I think I'd want to tour those rooms with my amigos and interact with the teams, so I'd want to have a port to that world right in my neighborhood, accessible to me and others.  I'd expect to feed into the idea team discussion by bringing my street savvy, knowledge of assets and connections to the conversation... allowing innovation to happen in sync with my reality.  

If someone hit on an idea that made a lot of sense to me, I'd want to pilot it within my home or neighborhood and then feedback to the idea team that generated the idea in real time about what's working and what's not.  

I'd want a platform that I can use to generate a conversation about resilience in my village/city, and have the conversation create curated intervention patterns that attract the attention of funders.  Actually, I'd like OpenIdeo to research which foundations/groups are already interested in development in my area, and then put our conversation on the radar of those potential investors.  

If I were living in a slum, I'd want to be connected to conversations of other slum communities.  I'd want to know what's working in places that are further ahead, and I'd want to be able to talk with the people who are involved in that on both sides (idea generation and beneficiary like me).

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