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Partner for Value Network Design in an autonomous economy

Use agile development and open innovation to support value network design

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Agile development has proven success over the last decade in IT industry. And customers play a substantial role in agile projects. Open Innovation is transforming how organizations manage their innovation process as it is not only playing out within company boundaries. 

As agile mindset and practices spread out of IT industry and they provide an optimal play ground for open innovation to thrive. Open innovation value chain is rather simple to handle. However, companies need to go new ways as we move from collaborative economy age to autonomous world age. 

The will be need for designing "value (chain) networks" in order to decide where and how to create value for customers. OpenIDEO can support companies to find their way through possible value chain networks. The expertise for such kind of projects will be diverse in nature and will also require global knowledge. 

There is an infographic about a day in life with collaborative economy attached. My questions are:

"How will be a week in a company in an autonomous economy?" 

"Could IDEO be the right partner as you help organizations build businesses, grow, develop capabilities, and innovate?"

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Ipek Uzpeder, Future Strategist


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Photo of Gabriel Landowski

I'm a huge supporter of Design Sprints alla Google.....

Photo of Ipek Uzpeder

Good to hear that, Gabriel!

Photo of Shane Zhao

Ipek you might be curious to read the case studies looking at different open business models that Anneke Stolk shared in her post: No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else (Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems) 

Photo of Ipek Uzpeder

Thanks Shane. The examples are really insightful.