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Opportunities, not just problems

Create space to envision opportunities that accelerate communities towards their aspirations (ambition and /or altruism)

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There is a lot of focus on problems-- how to respond to them, replace them, solve them.  However, what we end up doing in the end is build something that was not there before before, either by rearranging whats there or creating something that did not exist.  If the real question is not what we are changing but rather what we are building, what if we start there and ask, "What does this community want to become, and who would benefit by it getting there?" That could give us a better idea of where the will of the community lies, and the potential stakeholders in getting it there.  Practically, I think that could mean OpenIdeo becomes a platform that has space that can be hosted not in response to a funder's initiative, but rather a community's will.  Thinking as both an idea generation team and a foundation, this would attract my attention; I would find them.

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Mark Avery

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Hi Mark, interesting post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story with higher impact. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.