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Opening walls for inclusivity

Using smart boards to gathering insight electronically from ‘disconnected’ communities

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A solution: Installing ‘smart boards’ against walls of community shelters, prisons and perhaps even slums (this one could be complicated) for inclusivity by enabling individuals to draw their thoughts, ideas and feelings.

This solution stems from an attempt to try to engage individuals that do not have access to the internet - which is more than half the world’s population.

How: With these smart boards, individuals can use their fingers to draw, write their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Specific images can be pre-displayed to trigger feelings and reactions that might be drawn onto the wall. For example, an illustration of a fresh glass of water displayed could arouse insightful emotions which are drawn and captured on the wall - particularly if fresh water is a scarce within the community.

Why: The visual data made up of illustrations and text drawn by individuals can be monitored in real-time and utilized for design and research purposes to provide insight as well as ideas to build upon. Perhaps this will provide a tool for individuals to freely express themselves if they are unable to do so in their current environment.

One step further: Similar to Marco Tempest’s use of augmented reality, imagine drawing with your fingers on a wall - and within seconds the wall responds to you. An illustration appears next to yours which you can then respond to by drawing something. This can continue like a conversation - perhaps a form of communication we could use to gain insights of the individuals in these communities.


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