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Building open communities that design better together for each other using OpenIDEOx

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We have heard the phrase "Think global, act local" but I think OpenIDEO could make a lot use of this by building local communities where there are crowdsourced solutions to crowdsourced problems.

Let's talk about the problem

At the moment the OI platform is very limiting in the sense that it only allows individuals to participate in a global challenge and this makes it one-way. The other issue I have noticed is that the solutions posted to the challenges most of the time do not have a geographical acceptance and may work well in some communities and while may not work that well in some others.

So, is there a solution to this? Yes! there might be. All we have to turn the pyramid inside out and experiment to see how communities react to that.

Introducing OpenIDEOx

What is OpenIDEOx? OpenIDEOx is where people come together to design solutions for problems related to a particular locality or theme. "x" represents the locality or theme around which an open community is created to brainstorm over challenges/solutions.

OpenIDEOx is a truly 'open' platform where individuals come together to collaborate not to just to design solutions for global challenges but also to post challenges in context to a particular locality or theme.

OpenIDEOx: Themed
OpenIDEO: local

How does it work?

Meet Saad.

Saad is a concerned citizen of Islamabad and likes to brainstorm over civic challenges and their solutions. He signs up to OpenIDEOx where he can post challenges related to his city or a general theme and use social media to get attention for those challenges. The OpenIDEOx platform gives Saad the ability to start a movement and generate votes for the challenge based on the interest and urgency by the community. Once his challenge is upgraded to a featured challenge, the top designers, entrepreneurs and brainstormers gather around and start posting solutions to that challenge. They all meetup to brainstorm, find support partners, do field-testing and create a product/service to address the challenge. 


Because this platforms lets anyone post challenges, so there ought to be a greater buy in from the community and it celebrates the true spirit of "designing better, together".

People come closer together when they have a shared purpose and with OpenIDEOx the whole purpose is to sprout communities of problem solvers around local and thematic challenges so they can contribute to work towards a common goal with a shared passion.

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Saad Hamid


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I like this idea very much. Maybe there could be some local people as well, who help with shaping the structure of the challenge. I believe the OpenIDEO team puts a lot of effort in refining the challenge question before it even starts.

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