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We are all creators and innovators. In our daily lives, many of us day-dream of the helicopter-boat integrated car to beat the traffic. During a boring office meeting, we all come up with a recycling innovation that would bring us closer to an environmentally-friendly civilization. Unfortunately, we forget these brilliant ideas as we proceed within the routine of our day-to-day lives. Given the mortgage+kids, most of us don't have the luxury to quit our jobs for a tiny sweet musing.

I imagine a community full of creators and innovators with ordinary lives and 9-to-5 jobs. On their free time, they could go to their local playground to join/organize events to discuss problems and pitch ideas, have a problem-solving lunch hour at the communal table of the cafe, seduce other community members to join their movement, have access to a pool of talent with different skill sets, reserve lab space to work on their idea. A college campus for adults!

This community would be able to come together under the same roof where their tiny sweet musing is not forgotten anymore. Instead, it would have the potential of turning into a meaningful hobby or even something bigger than they would've ever imagined.

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Burcu Derkunt

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I very much like your idea - we prototyped a similar thing here in Dresden (OpenCoffeeClubDresden). The idea was not new I imported it from Boston from one of my visits there some years back. 

Interestingly people joined as they needed some help, or guidance on a problem they could not solve other, yet they left once this problem was solved in their perspective, and never showed up again. We ran the initiative a couple of years, and sort of closed it down (no activity).

The concept might work in cities where people earn respectively much money, and have a decent 40 hours (or less) work-week, which I saw in Brussels some years ago. 

What is your current next action step, or have you already a small prototype out you could share some insights from?