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Integrated Platform for Design Thinking Process

An integrated platform with detail instructions and strong visibility for DT novice will be helpful to popularize this idea.

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Before I started my master study, I had no idea about Design Thinking. I am so amazed by it after I got a chance to know it. However, it is easier for people to begin a challenge in a seminar atmosphere or DT studio other than working alone. Working in group,people are encouraged to come up with new ideas and communicate with each other. Brilliant ideas are generated through these processes. On OPENIDEO website, people have less connection with others, and most of them focused on their own ideas and seldom have chance to dig on one particular ideas. Maybe an integrated platform stimulating real world process could help with this situation.

People who register with this system should announce their major and interest challenges. Once they successfully registered, the system will allocate groups based on algorithm automatically. They can work as a group together. Brainstorm, POV, Prototype and so on. At the end, people in group could submit some relative considered solution.

Through this platform, people can get professional instructions and they can also do their team management. I think that will be really helpful. 


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I can totally understand where you are coming from in terms of how OpenIDEO's system is designed for individual contributors to start off with posting their single idea. I like your concept of being assigned into teams. Would this algorithm place priority on interdisciplinary teams? This is key. 

I may even add that to facilitate the collaborative process on OpenIDEO, it would be helpful to install a chatroom for teams to communicate and a 'Google doc' function that allows team members to edit the same post. Maybe even have some sort of virtual simulation that allows geographically dispersed teams to brainstorm and prototype together on a user interface would be neat!  

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Thank you Anders! I really like your idea, that's awesome!! The interdisciplinary team is exactly what I meant when I thought about this idea. Also chatrooms and 'google doc' will be helpful for team members' communication and team management.

Inspired by your virtual simulation idea, I am also thinking about the combination with virtual reality. Team members could preview the materials on a projection screen in the air, they could manipulate these materials by dragging and shifting. When they finished prototyping, they could get the instant result through a 3D printer, that will be really cool~