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Citizen Action Learning Lab

Physical space that embodies design thinking, lean thinking and system dynamics to enable stakeholders to upscale local resources into value

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The intention of the proposal is to establish a globally acknowledged space to enable the various constituencies in the city (citizens, foreigners, expats, researchers, artists, managers, politicians, educators) to open innovate the future together with locally given resources and knowledge, that are unique to the city, making use of digital and other means of communication to connect globally. 

This is not only meant to bring technological innovation into being (such as from research to applied research to commonly used application), also to include social innovations that might have been moved in the background of the current narrative of the city.

PS.: The ongoing process got sparked by an alumni letter in the Technology Review to which I got invited in 2015, and the present social, and economic dynamics in the region and the MOOC "U.Lab - Transforming Business, Society, and Self" I participated in and where the idea above founds it way into a prototype called CitizenScienceLab.

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Ralf Lippold @DresdenULabHub & @HTxA (Twitter)


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Hi OpenIDEO-Team, sorry that it has taken me a while until via a serendipity encounter (while looking for something else) I stumbled across your message and my profile. Updated, and published earlier today.