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Bringing Open Innovation into the physical world

If Open Innovation describes the process of crowd sourcing ideas, how can physical contributions be fused with the virtual world?

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Open Innovation has been approached largely through a virtual lens. The majority of platforms, including OpenIDEO, exist predominantly online. While this allows a broad group of physically separated individuals to collaborate, it limits contributions to a controlled environment. The beauty of brainstorming is its ability to generate ideas in an unconstrained manner.

Imagine walking into a coffee shop, library, or any collaborative venue. Imagine sitting on the train, bus, or being in any position of waiting. Now imagine that this venue was equipped with a white board, on which is written the simple question: “What challenge are you facing today?”

Now imagine that the answers scribbled on this white board by passersby were instantly uploaded to an Open Innovation platform, where a community of users can collaborate to solve the daily challenges. Consider further, if the whiteboard question changed to ask you to solve a commonly found challenge, prompting people to give quick solutions in passing.

The point of this narrative is: Ideation and collaboration can be both physical and virtual at the same time. Capturing one brilliant and fleeting idea can help to solve some of the toughest challenges. Let’s make problem solving easy, and immerse it subtly into the daily physical lives of the masses.

Incentivizing Infrastructure

Creating physical portals for communication with the masses requires funding. Fortunately, big data is valuable to companies and government. What would a transport service pay to know the complaints of its customers? Likewise, would a coffee shop not want to know if the biggest challenge in its user’s lives is “My coffee is always too cold”?

What do you think?

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Interesting thoughts, Charlie. I like to visit co-working spaces, and they exemplify how being in the same room can be beneficial.

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Thank you Arjan Tupan ! I too enjoy co-working spaces, out of interest which are some of your favorite types?

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