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A World made of Legos

Our ideas as legos: People will be the link between past and future.

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The way we understand History is going to change. It will be not more about "other people" creating our world, It will be about our family, our friends, our neighbours ideas. What I'm trying to say is that when we are kids we hear about names, people who participate in a revolution, wars, and different events that change reality. We feel it unpersonal. 

For me, it seams  that other people's decisions create the world that I'm living in. They are already dead and I wonder ¿What if the things should have done different?  Maybe It can be better if we will be able to ask our loves ones questions about our reality. 

In a near future we are going to start participating more and more. We will become all decision makers (legos), not only politicians or important people. We are going to be an active part of the world's creation.  We are going to build the world we want for our childerns, grandchildrens, etc. (In a real way)

The problems that we have right now are consequence of other people actions. They took really bad decisions, and we are paying it.  ¿What happens if we feel that we have the power to influence the future? Not as everybody say it.  Like really, like we mean it.   We will be able to participate in  an open congress, and we are going to take important decisions. 

We are going to be real creators of our future. And this is going to help us to change the way we understand natural resourses, energy, poverty, health issues. If you have an idea, you are going to be able to talk about it to the world, to your country. No more coffee talks and lost ideas.   

We are going to be our own superheroes. We are not going to waint to vote for someone who can solve our problems.


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Aleithya Morales


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