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A Tweak: "Path to Pitch" During Impact Phase

Move or extend the chance to pitch accelerators to the Impact phase, as the next challenge and opportunity for ideas.

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I thought the integration of the "path to pitch" in the Higher Education Challenge opened an interesting door. I'd like to see that option -- to pitch to an accelerator -- be moved or extended to the Impact phase. I think this would allow people to generate and start prototyping a brand new idea during the challenge. The idea team could then make a more informed decision about pitching, with all they learned during the challenge and the assessments from OpenIDEO, the sponsor, and the community. The opportunity with accelerators would give the idea team a clear next challenge to focus on in the Impact phase, with the potential for mentorship, support, and financial investment. 

The bigger "tweak" here could be for OpenIDEO to build its own accelerator, using the challenges as the search and submission phase. OpenIDEO has a broad network and can leverage IDEO and to make a very interesting accelerator. There are a lot of accelerators around already, so the value in build vs. partner would need to be figured out. What is missing from the market, and what unique approaches / value would an OpenIDEO accelerator bring?

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Jim Rosenberg


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Nice one Jim. You might see a process like this rolling out during an Impact phase in the near future:)

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That would be fantastic!!! :)
Our Barcelona Open IDEO team was part of the Path 2 Pitching ( and going through the 10 Milestones really helped us make the next steps towards implementation. It would indeed be a very impactful development when this becomes an integral part of OpenIDEO!

Great ideas Jim, and happy to read your response Shane!