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The intersection of Technologies and Liberal Arts

How the Developer community can help Creative individuals reach their full potential.

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As a 24 years developer and entrepreneur most of my short career as been working on R&D using new and disruptive technologies, and while in the developer community open and collaborative tools are well known, and their use is encouraged, the same doesn't apply in the creative arts community, a field where people tend to develop behind close doors. 

As both a developer and entrepreneur I get a rare and different view of both these fields, and how similar they are, even if for some they are poles apart. 

Not wanting to discuss the merits of developing ideas in a closed environment because it has its value, many so called new ideas are nothing more than optimizations of old and current ideas, creating a better product or service its always the end goal. 

This process when done alone can be cumbersome and take a long time, since we rarely have a new perspective on the problem in hand, and unlike the stories might tell you a great idea rarely comes from a moment of inspiration of pure genius. 

Its because of this problem, that the idea of Benjamin Brownell of GitHub for design thinking spoke to me, a tool like this would allow the creative arts community to share ideas and more importantly to overcome those moment of doubt, when facing problems in their creation method, by taking advantage of something well known by developers; the power of crowdsourcing. 

In this platform creative individuals could build on top of other persons ideas creating something completely

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