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Research on digital technologies.

Discover advanced technology by researching digital technologies.Production of fuels, electricity and organic fertilizers through waste.

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3 TED Talks on Open Innovation
Sunshine PopUp Park - co-created experimental indoor park as an open innovation space
RIPPPLR - A board game for innovation
Reboloção! Open innovation for self-employment
Open innovation is society's contribution to make individual lives better
Replace money as the solution to reduce poverty
He/She, whom you'll never know, changes your life
Open Sesame!
Bidirectional flow of ideas
Creative Brainstorming Process
Open Innovation precedes Creative Destruction
Keeping it Open and Dynamic
Virtual Team Rooms
A dream coming true, new friends, and healthy meals - Thanks to OpenIDEO
The Process of Unifying Group Innovation
Rapid cycling of ideas and proto-typing
Opportunities, not just problems
Local Open Innovation Community
Poverty Alleviation for Marginalized group in Somalia
Human-Centered Story Telling
Global Network of Local Networks
Open Collaboration to Save the World
Field Immersions for In-Depth Investigation
An accessible, transparent platform
Open Innovation Thrives in Spaces of Juxtaposition
Freeing up your ideas to be shared, improved and used by anyone, ignites innovation!
Open Innovation for Democracy?
Bringing Open Innovation into the physical world
Transformational Experience
Universal Basic Income for All
Open innovation as an innovation strategy happening within networks to leverage shared value
Virtual Reality Research & Design
HitRecord: Disrupting Creative Production
Open innovation on the higher education ecosystem.
Provision of Clean Water to Residents of Gem West Ward, Homa Bay County, Kenya
Open Space Technology
Connect Ideation and Open Source / Maker Communities
University masters in a global challenge 
(not a subject)
OpenIDEO- lessons for life
Patient Innovation - Sharing solutions, improving life
Redifining advertising by open innovation
On the hunt for quality
Implement community sensitizing to reduce climate change effect and fight against   women sexual violence and VBG.
Millenials and Open Innovation
IDEO U- learn from the best!
Partner for Value Network Design in an autonomous economy
Open Innovation Word Cloud
Non-Expert Problem Solving
A Network of Local Focused OpenIDEO Challenges, To Serve The Communities We Live In
Design for America
Don't blow it: Wishes for open innovation
Working with UK Government
Open Innovation is about creating shared experiences with human-centered ideas
A Tweak: "Path to Pitch" During Impact Phase
Sharing in stead of patenting
No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else (Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems)
Tackling complex challenges together. 
Top 10 tools for Open Innovation
A School for All Kinds
Defining Open Innovation
How to implement OI according to The Institute for Manufacturing of the University of Cambridge
New Jobs without Interviews
Grant Contribution from Professionalism in City response.
A tale of two cities and many actors
Global Contribution in Real-Time
Citizen Action Learning Lab
A 7/24 Radically Open Accelerator Community
Sharing is Caring
Open Innovation: Redefining Purpose As Well As Solutions
Electronic Roadmapping
Top Idea -> Proof Of Concept Grant
Child Led Social Equity Auditing (CLSEA)
The Relooping Fashion Project
Innovative process line for wastewater treatment
Connecting with community heroes around the globe
Hosting an Events on Climate Change
OpenIDEO in Landscape Architecture: Designing for what people have yet to know they want
A Learning Ecosystem
University masters in a global challenge 
(not a subject)
Persistent Impact Teams
Distilled Innovation Challenge: An Online-Offline experience
McKinsey: Next Steps in open innovation
Using Open Innovation to Increase Employee Engagement and Satisfaction
Innovation in the workplace.
IP Creation /Protection made crystal clear
"It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit" HS Truman
Hacking the Hacker's Code of Conduct
To succeed in Open Innovation, we must look into its shadows
A GitHub for Design Thinking
Illustrative icons to communicate IP and attribution rules
Include children in open innovation
Including Children in Open Innovation to leverage their creative thinking and improve education
Open Innovation is also Not Closed
Are we open enough?
SUPER-PUBLIC POWER - the power of every citizen
FOCUS: Opening Innovation to Target Customer Groups
Open innovation: Bringing out the leader in you
What would Nature do?
Innovation without checkpoints
Analogous Inspiration
strip down open innovation
Open innovation within traditional engineering education
Collaborative Community - Maker's Asylum
Open Innovation Weekend
Cultural pasture
Ideas in search of challenges
Communal Contributing
IDEO Cafe Collective
Theory U
Sojourn Theatre
Open Innovation in Healthcare Industries
OpenIdeo Speed-dating
Open Innovation  as a consequence of...innovation
Smart Public - the innovative democracy
A World made of Legos
Open innovation changed the way of fashion
Applying Open Innovation in an Asian Cultural Context can be Difficult
Open innovation education
Nudge innovation
Innovation Everywhere | We Cause Ideas.
Opening walls for inclusivity
Open Innovation In The Post Luxe Era
Online & Offline
Integrated Platform for Design Thinking Process
It Takes A Village (To Get All the Work Done)
An App Based End User Community
Open Innovation: innovate outwards
Preserve the inner child
Inspiring and innovative locale
Reflections on Open Innovation
Rebooting Traditional Systems
What If We Built an Open Innovation City?
Closing the Generation Gaps by Creating a Symbiotic Learning Environment
Co-creating a Commons
Carrot chasing...or not!
Inclusive Ideation is Open Innovation
Saving the planet, one concept at a time
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Top Contributor Saad Hamid
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Top Contributor Anne-Laure Fayard
Top Contributor Arjan Tupan
Top Contributor Dina Bokai
Num corredor, um quadro com um desafio à comunidade...
Patents and Open Innovation
   Internal Ideas vs External Ideas
The intersection of Technologies and Liberal Arts
OpenIdeo-day by day
Crowdsourcing for a great cause
A Non-University
Frozen Fuel
Farmers are constantly underpaid for their produce.We directly buy items from Farmers & delivery @ consumer doorstep in pristine condition​
Entrepreneur apprenticeships
Hanging wind turbines under bridges
Illegal drug use.
Why Fossil why not garbage
Helping a company reinvent the process well
Spreading the Word, Expanding Influence
Way to go
Durable solutions to prevent the migration of young Somalis
Mining Talent - How might we extract talent from our inner cities and rural areas?
Alternative of Plastic/Polythene
Books for the Homeless
Poverty-free human society

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