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Reflections on Open Innovation

We appreciate your thoughtful musings on personal experiences with OpenIDEO and perspectives on how open innovation may continue to evolve.

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We were impressed by the diverse perspectives and sentiments you expressed regarding your experiences with open innovation within and beyond the OpenIDEO community. As we ideate the future of OpenIDEO, we've appreciated this exploration of how OpenIDEO has evolved alongside and through the broader practice of open innovation, reflecting upon how we've gotten to now and considering where we'll go next.

Here are ten posts that made us proud to serve this community, and inspired to continue developing our practice of open innovation to better serve our collective future. 

Personal OpenIDEO Journeys

Dream Coming True: Longtime member Arjun explores his incredible journey with OpenIDEO, starting with his experience during our first challenge, sponsored by Jamie Oliver. Arjun shares how the challenge encouraged him to develop a healthier lifestyle with his family, while the OpenIDEO community inspired the creative confidence he needed to realize his dream of publishing a book. 

OpenIDEO – Lessons for Life: Sharing insights gained through her experiences on OpenIDEO, Krassimira explores how she "learned by various examples" the importance of community in creating impact and the skills necessary to ideate with confidence.

Creating Shared Experiences: Saad, an incredible OpenIDEO supporter and community organizer, provides his perspective on open innovation, noting it has evolved to emphasize "creating shared experiences with human-centered ideas" and putting to effective use the wealth of open information we have today. His contribution outlines his experience with three organizations driving open innovation, as well as links to some excellent educational resources like the Design Kit and IDEO U.

A Tale of Two Cities: In this post, Anne-Laure tells the amazing story of how connections she made through OpenIDEO have inspired her work and augmented her impact. While refining her organization's winning contribution to the Amplify Women's Safety Challenge, Anne-Laure connected with other OpenIDEO members who helped make her idea a reality in Nepal.

Connecting with Community Heroes: Detailing his inspiring experience working as the Amplify Community Manager in Pakistan, Saad explores the duality of the support he provided and the support he received from four incredible community members: Chioma, Yumna, Napas and Sabira.

Perspectives on Open Innovation

Spaces of Juxtaposition: Sharing an astute observation that innovation thrives when unexpected elements come together, Dina notes that the diversity (in perspective, background, expertise and ideas) and serendipity inherent in an open system are key drivers of creative ideation.

Sharing is Caring: Charlie contributes an interesting article from TechCrunch, exploring how open innovation may fit into the broader culture of sharing that has been developing with the advent of new technology.

Open Innovation is also Not Closed: Constructing a metaphor that compares ideas to airplanes, Pete posits that innovation must be tested, guided, and realigned by a variety of diverse people and perspectives to help it stay on course.

Strip Down Open Innovation: In this post, Yc puts forth that open innovation is at its core about empathy, emotion, and collaboration. In order to understand the "fleeting unicorn" that is open innovation, the emphasis should be less on process and more on a mutual understanding of our shared hopes and values. 

We Must Look into the Shadows: Alina prompts us to consider the failures of open innovation even as we appreciate its successes. She identifies potential issues with management, communication, process and institutional constraints, suggesting that exploring these difficulties may enable us to improve our practices and identify new problems to solve. 

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