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Rebooting Traditional Systems

As the influence of open innovation continues to grow its changing the world around it. Is it helping reboot traditional systems?

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Many of the largest organizations and systems responsible for delivering public services, designed for longevity and stability, have begun to look to the outside for inspiration. OpenIDEO has been called on by public sector partners to support their innovation efforts. Our Amplify Program, a collaboration with and the UK's Department for International Development, was developed to create a global network of problem solvers to help address international development challenges. We also supported the US government in responding to Ebola.

We believe this trend is just the beginning, and we were excited to see several posts about the role of open innovation in helping reboot traditional systems. Here are 7 posts that caught our eye:

Bring Open Innovation to Government
We saw several posts about the role of open innovation in changing how government works.

In his thought-provoking post "Smart Public - the innovative democracy," Erik imagines treating government and policy-making as open innovation challenges. Using technology to enable citizens to participate more actively in governance on a regular basis, Erik see the potential for more vibrant and inclusive democracies.

In Working with UK Government Neil reflected on his experience transforming a large government agency council in Scotland -- all the way from his home in New Zealand. Neil argues, it's not about the number of participants in an open innovation program but "all about the process and methodology." 

I contributed the post Open Innovation for Democracy about the 2015 White House report on 97 public sector challenges as I found it interesting to read what the US government has learned about open innovation.  

Re-schooling Education

In Open Innovation on the Higher Education Ecosystem Helder recognizes the similarity between open innovation and new teaching methods. According to Helder, universities are challenging students to collaborate in addressing major social problems as part of their learning experience and ponders if this shows that open innovation is changing traditional education.

Stephan's post, University Masters in a Global Challenge (Not a Subject), goes one step further. He imagines focusing education on specific global challenges and to think in missions. We love his provocation "what if there was a master degree in 'Zero Poverty' or 'Clean Water Access' or 'Feeding 10 Billion?"

Millennials and Open Innovation: Juan focuses his idea of empowering students through open innovation on the need to support reconciliation and integration in post-conflict Colombia. 

In Open Innovation Education Erik argues that schools should teach open innovation to students to help it become second nature and help us better address the sort of change the future holds. "So let's start teaching open innovation. Because we'll need all the innovators we can get." We agree.


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