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Patents and Open Innovation Internal Ideas vs External Ideas

Personal experience of someone who is in a patent process negotiation for more than a year with a multinational company

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When we read about Open Innovation, about Henry Chesbrough  and his thesis, we immediately face the "battle" between internal and external ideas.

But I'm not here to write about the concept launched by Henry in the past. I'm here to write about how a giant multinational company takes the decision of buy our not to buy an external idea that can, in fact, be a major advantage for the company's position in the market.

I'm a young entrepreneur, age 22 and I'm in a patent negotiation process for more than a year.

I'm dealing with a company who invests more than 300 M per year just in external products, external services... external ideas.

This company has a large percentage of his budget applied in I&D, but also knows the importance of keeping the eyes wide open to the environment that surrounds them. Basically, this company built a strategy with an important balance between internal and external ideas. Was this strategy who allowed me to take a sit with them and transform a product into a patent, into a deal.

It has being a long journey, but a journey full of growth, full of hard negotiations with a company that knows the importance of the external development.

Now a days when we hear about open innovation, we immediately think about the external environment, about opening our companies, our minds to the external environment.

The truth is that is this so important balance between internal and external I&D that brings the real value to the companies. 

In the end is important to say that the concept of open innovation is still growing, still changing and what we see today is just the beginning of a long journey.

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