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Inclusive Ideation is Open Innovation

Localizing the problem solving process is critical to open innovation

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Throughout the different posts - one running theme was that of connecting with the people or end beneficiary and including them in the process of problem solving.

Rapid cycling of ideas and proto-typing: Mark Avery explains the importance of connecting virtual team rooms or ideators with what is happening on the ground - with the support of foundations/non-profits or involving the community in the process.

A Network of Local Focused OpenIDEO Challenges, To Serve The Communities We Live In: Herein, Kenneth discusses localizing global challenges to keep the OpenIDEO teams motivate as well as have better impact.

A tale of two cities and many actors: This inspiring personal story across cultures (and nature calamities) of a group from NYC collaborating with local communities in Nepal talks of how open innovation is about breaking or stretching boundaries in order to learn and create impact.

Opening walls for inclusivity: This very interesting concept by Ria discusses how a smartboard situated in local communities in different "spaces" such as prisons, slums can be a tool for communicating ideas, feelings to gain real time data.

Open Innovation: Redefining Purpose As Well As Solutions: Josh essentially reinforces open innovation to be a new way of "thinking" or working - that allows listening, re-framing existing conceptions and leveraging fresh perspectives from the communities outside the boundaries of your life and work.

In conclusion, open innovation closely links to the process of human-centred designing thinking where it is essential to come from the people/customer approach to problem solving. Real-time data, dialogues, and interaction/collaboration with the communities is the fosters inspiration and impact > open innovation.

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