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Illegal drug use.

Curbing drug addiction

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There seems to be a strong awareness of an opioid crisis and many deaths related to it. I think people are prescribed opiates for things such as broken bones. In my opinion that is totally irresponsible! Since everyone is aware of how addictive these drugs are, why aren't they regulated more. When they first came out, they were said to target people who were dying and in a lot of pain. Why are they prescribed with such abandon? It's just common sense that they are over prescribed. Doctor's should have a  good reason for prescribing them, if at all, and have to register with the board of health or better yet a national data base, outlining why it was proscribed. Each pill should be accounted for and doctors  or some other place should be able to take back unused pills. I am willing to bet that most doctor's office don't want to be responsible for this as a safety issue.

We have to ask if we were better off before these drugs came on the market!

Why not have a program in place for people who are prescribed these drugs, and it should be for extreme cases only. The program would taper them off the drugs and have a toll free number for the person to get help if they have trouble with it. 

We really need to rethink the whole legal prescription opioid situation. I wonder how many people die and/or have their lives destroyed by this prescription as opposed to the number of people it actually helps!

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