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Entrepreneur apprenticeships

We can grow entrepreneurs when we let blue collar workers work closely with willing businessmen that expose them to the tricks of the trade

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Consider the concept of the Chicago-born MakerSpace, where people from all over a city come together to share equipment and space that they do not have at home. In a space like this, one is exposed to the energies and ideas of others, igniting new ideas and options in one's own work... 

What if we can take this concept one step further and use it as a space for training and empowering people from different social classes? In South Africa, we have very severe socio-economic boundaries separating people. We can use a factory as a makerspace in which these different classes rub shoulders while gaining skills, knowledge and productivity. 

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Photo of Heatherlee Nguyen (Open IDEO Twin Cities)

Excellent idea. I completely believe in this concept, it would truly help to unite and uplift people from different classes. Tools and technology should be accessible to all!