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A Non-University

Universities are associated with lectures and exams. A non-university which uses tinkering and brainstorming as prep material/learning tool.

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We learn when we are involved. We learn through communicating. Most lectures and good teachers do this. But is it enough. Once we are out of the class, we become non-involved. The problem we did not do what we did as kids: work as a team to achieve a goal. We couldn't stay away from most of our friends in any activity and that how we  learned successfully. Learning is having fun and communicating while doing that. If this is the fastest way of learning, why use lectures and boring exam work. Why not develop a non-university which does the opposite of what a university does. This leads to tinkering and talking. It also leads to self-assigning and self-forming teams. We are doing this in workplaces and in our small nuclear families then why not do it while educating ourselves.

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Thanks for proving such a useful blog. In the modern technological era, within the universities, active-learning is a trend affecting many educational facilities.
Non-university research organizations are often very well-equipped and offer postdoctoral researchers a good starting point for launching their careers.
Non-university higher education institutions are named in several ways in different countries, such as universities of applied science, colleges, institutes of technology, and polytechnics. Most of the higher education students suggest that the furniture in a college or any learning center should be made up of Oak Wood. I am a little bit confused about despite having multiple advantages and disadvantages as cited on students prefer furniture of Oak Wood.
The educational standard is not only limited to the teacher and student only but the infrastructure of any learning center also matters a lot.
The active learning classroom tables and chairs can be reconfigured, with video monitors and whiteboards on each wall, allowing small groups to prepare and research work, and then to display and present to the entire class.

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