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How might we better understand and improve open innovation together?

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After 5 years and over 30 challenges, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned. Open innovation now plays a role in how organizations all over the world develop new ideas, collect diverse perspectives and solve problems. It has changed how those organizations innovate, perhaps changing the organizations themselves and maybe even changing innovation itself. Breaking down walls that once kept the world’s innovators from connecting and collaborating, open innovation has ushered in a new approach to government, corporate and social innovation.

OpenIDEO has been fortunate to be part of this exciting movement. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading institutions and helped address some of today’s most pressing problems, like supporting the White House and USAID’s response to Ebola. We’re taking a moment to look back and reflect on what we’ve learned. In this short 3-week sprint, we ask that you join us and share your perspective on open innovation.

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OpenIDEO is developing a report on what we’ve learned about open innovation over the last five years. This perspective will help inform how we focus our efforts in the future, and we’ll share our thoughts online in hopes that we can all continue learning about open innovation together. Our aim is not to create a comprehensive study of open innovation, but simply to convey IDEO’s current perspective on this emerging discipline and how it can support innovation efforts.

Of course, we couldn’t imagine starting this effort without opening up this inquiry to you, the over 100,000 OpenIDEO community members and anyone else that has something to contribute to this collaborative reflection. We hope to hear what you have learned about open innovation, how it has impacted your work, and what you believe are its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

We’ve structured this challenge as a short, 3-week sprint, with both a Research Phase and an Ideas Phase open concurrently. So, whether you want to look back and reflect on your experience with open innovation or propose ideas for the future, now is the time to join in! Once the challenge concludes we'll recognize Top Contributors and also open a Highlights Phase where we can all reflect on what we learn together.

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We follow a process with phases. Currently we are in the Highlights phase. You can participate by adding stories on the impact of this challenge.
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