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Re-imagine an Intimate, Personal & Affordable EOL Experience for You & Your Loved Ones - Die@Home, Celebrate@Home, & Go Green@Burial (04/17)

To insure EOL peace, comfort & safety ~ HDCR will provide the who, what, when, where, why & how of the Home Death Care process to all.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine the end-of-life experience?

If you live in a small town or a big city, you have the option to focus your EOL experience through the lens of a mortuary, a funeral home, a church or an in-home setting - the choice is yours! Home Death Care, Home Funeral & Green Burial practices allow folks of any age, religious persuasion, or socio-economic standing to die at home, to be cared for, prepared for, & delivered to their final resting place from within their home environment by friends & family ~ exactly as their hearts desire.


Updated - 04/17/2017

Table of Contents (in descending order below)

  • Executive Summary - :60 YouTube Video Presentation
  • The Value Proposition of Home Death Care Resources
  • The Five Basic Truths of Home Death Care
  • UEM's for All 'Opportunity Areas' of This Challenge
  • Mission Statement
  • Details of Projected Business Activities (Updated 04/17)
  • A Baker’s Dozen Social Media Endorsements of HDCR…
  • The OpenIDEO Evaluation Criterium as Applied to HDCR's Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives

HDCR presents a :60-second 'Executive Summary'

A brief video sampler was created to provide an overview of the style, the energy, the purpose behind HDCR. In the investment community it would be known as an 'Elevator Pitch' - a short statement that represents what something is all about - created with an eye towards the time-constraints of an elevator ride.

(The video has been removed from YouTube because all fund-raising and business development activities in support of HDCR were suspended on 03/20/2017. You can read the postmortem summary here: HDCR Postmortem Report)

What is the value proposition of Home Death Care Resources?

For 20+ years the Home Death Care, Home Funeral and Green Burial movements have been slowly and steadily gaining support and influence within the national and international community.

It's now time to provide individuals, families, 'death positive' practitioners and professional business entities with comprehensive advocacy, education and communications support through Home Death Care Resources/HDCR in order to increase the public's awareness of...

The Five Basic Truths of Home Death Care

If they so choose, women, men & children of all ages (in most of the United States) can:

     1.  Die at home in peace & comfort - rather than in a hospital or institutional facility;

     2.  Stay at home for as long as they'd like after their death - rather than being taken immediately away to a mortuary or funeral home;

     3.  Have their bodies be prepared at home for their final disposition by their friends, family, loved ones or funeral home professionals - rather than having an undertaker prepare or embalm them at an off-site facility;

     4.  Have a Home Funeral on their own terms and in the manner they so choose - rather than going to a funeral home, or a church for services - if that is what they desire;

     5.  Select from among a variety of Green Burial options for their final disposition - rather than having to choose from only a limited number of traditional burial options.

UEM's for All 'Opportunity Areas' of This Challenge

In relation to the seven 'Opportunity Areas' to be focused upon in this Challenge - there are 'User Experience Maps' attached which illustrate how HDCR's advocacy, education and communications support programs (related to Home Death Care-based EOL practices) are in complete alignment with each of the OpenIDEO stated goals and objectives.

     #1 - To download the Services & Care UEM.pdf 'click' the Title→→ "Sam & Marie Need 'Services & Care'"

     #2 - To download the Connectedness UEM.pdf 'click' the Title→→  "A Home Death Provides 'Connectedness'"

     #3 - To download the New Values UEM.pdf 'click' the Title→→  "A Home Death Provides Support for 'New Values'"

     #4 - To download the What Surrounds Us UEM.pdf 'click' the Title→→  "'What Surrounds Us' at a Home Death is All Ours"

     #5 - To download the Planning Now UEM.pdf 'click' the Title→→  "'Planning Now' for a Home Death is Helpful Indeed"

     #6 - To download the The Cost of Dying UEM.pdf 'click' the Title→→  "Home Death Care Greatly Reduces 'The Cost of Dying'"

     #7 - To download the After Death UEM.pdf 'click' the Title→→  "'After Death' - At Home is Where You Want To Be"

Mission Statement

Advocacy, communications, training and outreach campaigns will be created (initially in English & Spanish) to support, grow and expand the public's awareness and acceptance of Home Death Care, Home Funeral and Green Burial-focused activities – both here in the US and abroad.

  • Quite simply, it’s time to tell the world that it is OK to provide support and care for your friends and loved ones at home when they die – if that is what they want to have happen and what you, and/or your support network, have the ability to do within your particular state or county jurisdiction.


Details of Projected Business Activities

(These projected business activities and all fund-raising efforts in support of HDCR were suspended on 03/20/2017. You can read the postmortem summary here: HDCR Postmortem Report)

  1.      In order to raise 'HDCR Pilot Project' grants funding and tax-deductible contributions to support the development, testing, refinement, production and distribution of educational and training materials about Home Death Care practices on a local, regional and national basis (initially in English & Spanish) HDCR received Fiscal Sponsorship status as a California/Federal 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Project under the umbrella of Inquiring Systems, Inc., in Sonoma, California. The official designation read as follows: "Home Death Care Resources is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of Inquiring Systems, Inc., a California Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation Founded in 1978 - EIN 94-2524840".
  2.      HDCR was planning to initially partner with local Hospice organizations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area in order to work with them on the development of the materials summarized below, which they would then have been able to share/distribute to each of their Hospice patients so that they would be better informed about all of the Home Death Care options and related services available to them within their local communities.
  3. Concurrently, HDCR was planning to begin outreach efforts within the local Mortuary and Funeral Home business community in order to assess their direct interest in providing support to individuals and families who might want to receive assistance and support for their Home Death, Home Funeral and/or Green Burial plans and activities, which they would not have been able to do themselves, or have done for themselves, by their friends and loved ones. 
  4.      The 'HDCR Pilot Project' was initially to be funded for a 6 to 12-month period of time with plans expected to be in place at the end of that time for the more widespread distribution of the materials developed during the Pilot Project's duration.
  5.      The primary Advocacy, Support and Training campaigns could have included:

                   A.  The development and distribution of a series of Public Service Announcements and related content (initially in English & Spanish) intended for radio, television and newspaper distribution within select local media markets informing folks that they can directly provide their friends and loved ones with Home Death Care-focused support at the end of their lives - right now/today.

                    B.  A website, blog, and/or database/directory to be set-up via inter-connected URL/domains: and, and, In addition, HDCR was planning to host a Spanish language website and related content at: (which from Spanish translates to  '').  These domains and inter-connected websites would have become the Internet home of the Pilot Project allowing for ease of access (initially in English & Spanish) to folks who wanted to learn more via the web. Plans for additional culturally-appropriate web-based support resources (created in various languages) will be developed based upon feedback and user response data gathered during the initial months of outreach activities and advocacy work.

                    C.  Training/teaching seminars related to Home Death Care-focused practices were planned to be developed (initially in English & Spanish) in conjunction with local/regional Death Doulas, Funeral Celebrants and other Home Death Care professionals and offered through the local Hospice program to their constituents so that folks can gain hands-on experience in Home Death Care-related practices.

                    D.  A local/regional media outreach campaign via news programs, local TV talk shows, etc., was to be coordinated in order to ‘mainstream’ the practice of Home Death Care so that folks would know exactly what they can do for themselves in support of their friends and loved ones at the end of their lives.

  • This project/proposal was all about the creation and dissemination of multi-media resources (initially in English & Spanish) intended to spread the word, raise awareness, and empower individuals and families to re-claim their right to die at home, be cared for at home after death, and to be celebrated and buried in a manner that reflects their deeply-held personal and religious beliefs – all at an affordable cost, both fiscally and emotionally.

A Baker’s Dozen Social Media Endorsements of HDCR…

     "I'm thrilled that you are guiding others to this powerful experience, it is something that our culture will benefit from in so many ways... Everyone who participates is profoundly changed, and, like yourself, can't imagine caring for their dead any other way... This is a movement that has only just begun. Thank you for your passionate support."via the OpenIDEO – Olivia Bareham/Sacred Crossings – 06/27/2016

     "Thanks for your message and it's great to see you are advancing this work... your project looks fantastic! It will be wonderful to see all of these resources gathered in one place..." via e–mail – Sarah Kerr, PhD/Death Midwife & Celebrant – 08/02/2016

     "Thank you for the work you are doing on this. You're doing a wonderful job of communicating the importance of people understanding that this is an option! I took a home death care course and even if I never have the chance to use the knowledge gained from it, the actual process of learning about it was completely transformational. The work you're doing is going to create profound change and I wanted to share my gratitude for that. Thank you!"via the OpenIDEO – Jamie Whittaker/ – 07/31/2016

     “Great! I love the simple messaging. It's amazing how often we have to repeat the basics and start from square one.”via Twitter – Caitlin Doughty/Order of the Good Death – 07/15/2016

     "I'm so glad that you discovered this amazing and powerful approach to caring for our own at death... It has been the most profound path watching so many people transform fear into love, helplessness into creative grief rituals and deep despair into feeling supported and cared for... I give thanks for every person who awakens to this humane and ancient art and wisdom of our ancestors. Blessings to you and all who are willing to explore their own life and inevitable passage."via the OpenIDEO – Jerrigrace Lyons/Final Passages – 06/27/2016

     “Great discussion this morning w/ Paul Ennis of @hdcr_us. He's passionate about how to change our narrative for end–of–life considerations."via Twitter – Peter C. – 08/03/2016

     "...Dying at home is the only way to die! i work in a hospital and we try very hard to get people home on hospice to die with family and friends..."via Facebook – Jan F./Maui, HI – 07/28/2016

     "...What I did like is that he spoke slowly and affirmed that it is permissible to have a home death and after death care in the home. It is a shock to the system to hear that "you" have permission of death and after death options. Most people have no idea that they can do this. Well, yes, you can! Thank you for your service to death care! We all stand together..."via Facebook – Sacred Voyage Home Funerals – 07/17/2016

     "I am involved in helping to change the World for the better. This is a lot of heavy information but SO important. Please Friends, Family, Community let's come together and leave this World a better place than when we arrived. Please share this info and hard work of Paul Ennis and send heartfelt, honest comments to the contact below..."via Facebook – Tee Clare/Death Doula – 07/16/2016

     "...I believe you presented a realistic empowering personal saga which others can learn quite a bit from…. and further investigate to determine if this is an avenue they'd like to pursue for themselves or their loved one..."via Facebook – Debra R. – 05/25/2016

     "I'm driving on a dirt road in Australia and I stopped and watched the whole video. Great production. You can sure feel the love."via Facebook – Elizabeth H. – 07/20/2016

     "Thank you Paul! For the challenge inspiration & for the education... those 152 words... those were eye opening. Much gratitude for sharing your story." via the OpenIDEO – Stacey T. – 05/25/2016

     "Near the end of her life, I managed to pry my mother out of a skilled nursing facility where institutionalized medicine pushes people so habitually and insistently. With invaluable help from a team of home care aides, and help from Hospice, she died in the comfort of her own home. I didn't do nearly as much as you, or have as close a connection to her final days, but the Hospice doctor said I'd accomplished an unusual feat and she commended me for it. I commend you both a thousand fold for taking the journey and for sharing it with us."via Facebook – Nanette C. – 05/25/2016

The OpenIDEO Evaluation Criterium as Applied to HDCR's Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives

     √ Re-imagine dying - Using Home Death Care-focused practices provides men and women of all ages and ethnicities with the ability to totally re-imagine their dying process - exactly as they want it to be - here in 2016 and beyond.

     √ Go beyond tradition - Home-based death practices allow for the preservation of cultural traditions like no other modern-day funerary ceremony. Having a Home Funeral in a 'backyard' allows for families and friends to be together in the most intimate of manners - at the most intimate of times.

     √ Are uplifting and unique - Yes, death and dying are no laughing matter.

At the same time, the joy and celebration, the experience of the full range of real and genuine emotions, the priority of community and the ability to explore all facets of our human-ness at the profoundly challenging End-of-Life-Time - has no greater friend than a Home-based environment (if that is what folks want to have happen and what they, and/or their support network, have the ability to do within their particular state or county jurisdiction).

     √ Consider partnerships - In a Home Death-focused environment, immediate Family members have much more control and influence over the myriad of details and energies running through their hearts and minds.

That's not to say that they don't need help and assistance. In fact, they may need more aid than at any other time in their lives.

In a Home-based setting, the kinds of folks who can provide them the most direct support include: members of their Hospice or Palliative Care team; Death Doulas or Death Mid-wives; Funeral Celebrants; Green Cemetery; and/or related Burial/Final Disposition professionals.

It is HDCR's belief that partnerships are critical to encourage and more than likely to flourish within a Home-based setting.

     √ Are human-centered - There is no greater gift to give to a person who has just lost a friend or loved-one than to say to them:

  • How can I help?
  • What can I do for you?
  • How do you want to handle the situation you're in?
  • Where would you like to go and how would you like to get there?

When you can say those things to them while sitting around their kitchen table, or in their backyard, or on their front porch - their ability to respond from a deeply felt 'human-centered' place is beyond measure.

And, the fact that they are likely to be so much more in control of things within a Home-centered death experience - translates into a much greater level of closure, completion, and resolution on a 'human-centered' level, as well.

It's all about getting direction and input from those most effected - and being able to offer solutions that will provide them with the most comfort, peace and security.

"Home is where the heart is..." speaks for itself in relation to the human-centered nature of Home Death Care-focused choices and opportunities.


What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

I founded 'Home Death Care Resources' in Sebastopol, CA & began to build relationships with local stake-holders so that the 'First Stage' advocacy, education, training & communications work could be completed as planned. The relevant social media channels were established (per the above info), & meetings took place with stakeholders over a several month period of time - all to no avail. Projected business activities & all fund-raising efforts in support of HDCR were suspended on 03/20/2017 - PWE

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Once a framework & scope are better defined, then the OpenIDEO community will become an essential conduit for information, referrals, content development, joint outreach efforts/campaigns and grassroots public relations & marketing efforts. A successful local/regional messaging campaign is going to require that a number of messengers take the content, goals & objectives, & 'message them' into their local, regional & state-wide communities. That = OpenIDEO.

Tell us about your work experience:

Marketing/Business Development Consultant Patient Advocate/Navigator End-of-Life Planner/Supporter Journalist & Multi-Media Creator Website:

This idea emerged from

  • An Individual
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Team (12)

Paul's profile
Jerrigrace's profile
Jerrigrace Lyons

Role added on team:

"Jerrigrace Lyons is the Founder/Executive Director of Final Passages: Institute of Conscious Dying, Home Funeral and Green Burial Education - - Their mission is to inform people about their rights to care for their own dead."

Olivia's profile
Olivia Bareham

Role added on team:

"Olivia Bareham has been helping families in Los Angeles for the past 10 years through her company Sacred Crossings - - Their mission is to educate and support individuals toward a conscious, peaceful transition and to empower families to reclaim the healing ritual of a home funeral. "Everyone who participates is profoundly changed and can't imagine caring for their dead any other way." - O. Bareham"

Justin's profile
Justin Magnuson, MA, LMT

Role added on team:

"Justin Magnuson started the "Living Fully Initiative: End-of-Life Conversations Project" in Louisville, KY in the Spring of 2016. His goal is to change how our culture discusses and prepares for death. The Living Fully Initiative is seeking opportunities for collaboration to host conversations, workshops, and retreats. If you have ideas or need end-of-life related services please contact them through their website -"

Leah's profile
Leah White

Role added on team:

"Leah White is the Development Coordinator for Sutter Care at Home in Northern California."

Tee's profile
Tee Clare

Role added on team:

"Tee Clare is a Death Doula, Home Funeral Director, and Non-Denominational Minister - - Tee is a Reiki Master Teacher and Pranic Healer and has a private practice in the San Francisco Bay area. Tee is Certified by the Four Winds Society as a Shamanic based, Dying Consciously facilitator and is a Mesa carrier. Tee is an accomplished artist and has facilitated Bereavement and Expressing Grief through Art and Music Therapy Groups in the Bay Area."

Diane's profile
Diane Ennis

Role added on team:

"I am a photographer and graphic artist living and working in Sonoma County, California. My husband, Paul, and I are the founders of Home Death Care Resources. In the photographic world I specialize in Stock and Nature photography, my favorite subjects include flowers, insects, animals, water and wild remote places far from the beaten path. In the graphic artist universe I am a painter, designer and fearless editor of words and phrases. "

Jamie's profile
Jamie Whittaker

Role added on team:

"Jamie Whittaker has completed her Certificate in Thanatology (the study of death, dying, & bereavement), & has also become co-host/facilitator of Death Café in Calgary with Janine Violini. She has worked with Janine on educating others about death literacy with the hopes that integrating death into our lives will encourage more meaningful living while reacquainting us with death. You can learn more here: about their work related to increased mortality awareness."

Janet's profile
Janet Zagoria

Role added on team:

"Since 1999, Janet Zagoria has designed & developed many Websites for both small businesses and nonprofits. Prior to this, she worked for 16 years with and at publications (newspapers, magazines and books) as designer, photographer and in marketing. She has also taught Web design (HTML) at a junior college. You can review her portfolio at:"

Mercedes Jeanne's profile
Mercedes Jeanne Reynolds

Role added on team:

"Mercedes Reynolds has worked in the field of translation/interpreting for over three decades and is fluent in both Spanish and English in a variety of settings. She has had extensive experience working with the Hispanic community in a variety of locales and capacities. She currently runs her own translation business in Humboldt and Del Norte counties serving a wide variety of government, social, and private agencies in both written and oral modes. Mercedes holds a BA in Spanish, Mills College."

Rabbi Lester's profile
Rabbi Lester Scharnberg

Role added on team:

"Rabbi Scharnberg performs interfaith wedding ceremonies, cantorial rituals, bar & bat mitzvahs, circumcisions, funeral services, rites of passage & other creative ceremonies & celebrations. He is a theologian, religious educator & spiritual counselor for individuals & families. He is available for academic consultations regarding questions of theology & Jewish law. He is firmly committed to an interfaith dialogue & interfaith expressions of unity among all people."

Nicolette's profile
Nicolette Smith

Role added on team:

"My deep interest & involvement in the end of life care, death & grief, grew out of the illnesses & deaths of my brother, mother & father, & the death of our baby daughter Leteisha. I am enriched with a caring & respectful approach to the living & the dying. I want to create a space where information can be shared & where I can support people at the end of life. I am an End of Life Doula & Coach, Community Educator & Facilitator. FB page is here:"

View more

Attachments (7)


User Experience Map #7 - 'After Death' - At Home is Where You Want To Be - examines why dying at Home is becoming increasingly popular for men & women of all faiths & ethnicities - especially when it comes to their being able to practice & honor their religious traditions much more easily & comfortably within their own Home environment. The ‘After Death’ benefits of Home Death Care-focused practices can be extremely valuable to both the recently departed & those of us left behind & still living.


User Experience Map #6 - Home Death Care Greatly Reduces 'The Cost of Dying' - traces the experiences of Gary & Susan, who are both facing serious health issues on a very limited budget. HDCR delivers them the information they need in order to find the assistance they require, which protects their family's long-term assets & provides for a loving & deeply felt EOL experience for one & all. Clearly, the ‘Cost of Dying’ at home can be so much more affordable than any other means of modern dying.


User Experience Map #1 - Sam & Marie Need 'Services & Care' - follows Sam & Marie as they first learn about Home Death Care options within their local community from a newspaper story published by HDCR. We see them take direct action via the HDCR website in order to learn more about Home Death Care resources they can connect with directly. Then they hire a Death Doula/Funeral Celebrant to help them coordinate Marie's death, after death care & Green Burial as a Home-based EOL experience.


User Experience Map #5 - 'Planning Now' for a Home Death is Helpful Indeed - is the story of Sean & Sai Zhong Wu, a middle-aged couple who want to make plans for their Home Death-focused EOL experience well before they expect to die. Their attendance at an HDCR series of affordable, community-based workshops gives them all the tools & resources necessary to put in place exactly what they want to have happen. Knowing their plans will make it easier on their family - provides them peace of mind.


User Experience Map #4 - 'What Surrounds Us' at a Home Death is All Ours - imagines the story of Joan & Michelle, who have to work together in order to secure Joan the ability to leave her Skilled Nursing Facility & journey home for her final weeks & days of life. After attending an HDCR seminar on 'Home Death Care for Professionals', Michelle (who is Joan's legal guardian) is able to provide all of the support & resources Joan needs to come home & enjoy her EOL experience in peace and comfort.


User Experience Map #3 - 'A Home Death Provides Support for 'New Values' - imagines the story of Fred and his Grandmother, Beula, who have to quickly reach some decisions, make some plans and finalize the arrangements for Beula's peaceful journey home. Using the HDCR Tweetstream and then their website, Fred is able to locate a Hospice program, a Funeral Celebrant, a Green Burial company and various other resources needed to plan his Grandmother's simple, country-style home funeral and burial.


User Experience Map #2 - A Home Death Provides 'Connectedness'- imagines the story of Rafael and his Grand-daughter, Lupita who have a very large family to accommodate and connect with before Rafael's life comes to an end. Using the HDCR website as a hub in her search for information and resources, Lupita locates a Green Burial cemetery, a Funeral Celebrant and various other tools needed to plan her family's Home Death Care-focused final good-bye for Rafael.


Join the conversation:

Photo of Nicolette Smith

Hi Paul and team, this is such a great idea. I am in Western Australia and have been educating and supporting people to have a Home death and Home Funeral experience for a few years now. I love the process and the closeness and connectedness and healing that it brings. But I also see the need for education and resources so more people can become involved and aware of their choices. I would love to hear more about your project as it transpires and connect with you about how I can be involved here in Australia.
Thank's Nicolette Smith- The End of Life Care.

Photo of Paul Ennis

Nicolette - So very nice ro meet you and thanks for your warm words of support. Would you like to join our team? It will not present you with any further obligations than being a member of the OpenIDEO, which you already are. It will benefit me and the rest of our team to have you stand with us and be recognized. Please advise of your interest, or not. I will be learning much more about what's to come for HDCR over the next few weeks and will keep you informed as requested. Yes, it is powerful work and clearly there is a tide of energy, support and interest building around the globe. Enjoy your day... - Paul

Photo of Nicolette Smith

Hi Paul, I would be delighted to be a part of the team and would love to hear how things progress. Thanks Nicolette

Photo of Paul Ennis

Done. I edited your statement to fit the character limits for describing 'Team Members'. Thanks for that. More later as things develop. Enjoy your day... - PWE

Photo of OpenIDEO IDEO

Congrats on being a Top Idea, Paul! It's been absolutely inspiring to see how you've developed Die@Home, Celebrate@Home, & Go Green@Burial to re-imagine the end-of-life experience for ourselves and our loved ones. What an amazing journey it has been. In the coming weeks, we'll be making an official announcement to celebrate you and the other Top Ideas of the End of Life Challenge.

In the meantime, we would love for you to share your story in the upcoming End of Life Impact Phase. The Impact Phase is a space where the OpenIDEO community can share updates on how our projects are progressing beyond the challenge. For reference, here's a template for writing an Impact phase story: Well done Paul!

Photo of Paul Ennis

@Joanna @Shane - What exciting news to receive. Thank you for the recognition and ongoing support. I am still on a camping vacation in Del Norte County @ the Smith River. I'll be back in better digital range tomorrow/Friday in the evening and will communicate more as requested then. I can tell you that repeatedly on this trip from long involved dinner conversations with seven old friends to spontaneous encounters with folks on the river - the inter-related topics of death, dying, advanced planning, green burials, home death care, etc., have been the dominant theme running through our entire vacation. And, I could not be happier nor more accepting of the importance of these things to others and the energy that has been birthed within my world and work as a result of my engagement with the OpenIDEO on this challenge. Gotta go get some ice and head back up-river. Thanks again and we'll talk more soon. Best. - Paul

Photo of Paul Ennis

Shane Joanna 

Good Day Shane/Joanna/OpenIDEO,

Great news about my Idea/HDCR becoming a Top Idea. Thanks for the recognition and support.

Quick question: So that I can provide you with the High Res Photo/Image as requested - What are the size specs and max file size you can work with? Inotherwords, @ 300 dpi, what height and width in pixels will work best for your needs?

Once I know what you want I can photoshop together an appropriate High Res (300 dpi) image and e-mail it right back - along with thequotation and our Twitter handle. I'll await your further instructions.


Paul Ennis

Photo of Rabbi Lester Scharnberg

When Paul’s father and mother both died in 2015, Paul and Diane faced the same circumstances many of us face with the death of a loved one: strangers from a funeral home were set to take over everything from the preparation of the body of their beloved, to the selection of a casket and the place for burial.

But Paul did something few people do: he did all of these preparations himself.

His father and mother died at home with the love of their son and daughter-in-law beside them.

Paul did this after noticing an obscure reference in the materials handed him by the mortuary directors. It basically said that people had the right to do all of these intimate and loving preparations themselves.

For the most part these important details from medical relief from pain, to preparation of the body of the deceased, to burial, are all a part of big business and are often very impersonal.

It was not always this way. For generations in the Jewish world each congregation had a group of friends (called a hevre kadishah) who did these ritual preparations for a grieving family and they were virtually all close friends of the deceased.

The same could be noted of other religious groups.

Today such groups have nearly disappeared except for those in the Orthodox world. However, there is a small movement to try and reconstitute this spiritual practice in other branches of Judaism.

Paul is doing a wonderful thing by trying to let people know that they have the legal right and spiritual opportunity to have the end of life be one of nurture, one in which the beloved is surrounded from illness through death and to the final rest, all in harmony with the love of family and friends.

I truly hope he is given the opportunity to realize his vision of bringing to all people the diversity of loving options for their end-of-life, which are available to them.

It is a noble quest and would be a deeply spiritual service.

~~ Rabbi Lester Scharnberg

Photo of Paul Ennis

Rabbi Scharnberg - Thank you for your words of wisdom and strong statement of support. It is much appreciated as my project now moves into its final stage of consideration and feedback. I would like to add you to my team so that we can continue our supportive and learned conversations as the HDCR pathway unfolds.  Yes, this work is of a deeply spiritual nature to me. If there is an honor I could bestow upon my Dad and Mom it would be to share what I learned with them through their ends-of-life experiences with others - as I intend to do, and am doing, through HDCR. - Paul

Photo of Mercedes Jeanne Reynolds

I am strongly in support of this Project/Idea.

My late husband did not want to spend his last days in a facility, whether medical or age-related. We live in a small, rural community with limited options anyway, but without disparaging the many caring facilities that do exit, he was adamant about staying home in a loving and familiar environment.

Indeed, his personality was such that the various hospital stays he began to experience, however necessary or positive physically, invariably left him negatively impacted on a mental and emotional basis. This, in turn, of course impacted his physical state, and added to the weight of the entire situation for all involved.

As his condition deteriorated, and my daughter and I took off from work to care for him, it would have been useful to have had a directory of resources to draw from such as you are proposing to develop. We were, however, extremely fortunate to have received care in his last days from Dr. Michael Fratkin and his staff at ResolutionCare.

Dr Fratkin was able to, within literally minutes of first contact, assess the myriad facets of the situation, and, further, to delve right to the heart of my husband's emotional/mental state. He was able to guide my husband to necessary decisions which brought the whole family together, all the while respecting my husband's autonomy and strong wishes to be at home until his end.

Photo of Paul Ennis

Mercedes - Thank you for your support and compelling story. It is because of folks like you that the wind is filling the sails of HDCR. I look forward to working with you on the English to Spanish translation needs of the project as the print and online components of the campaigns come into clearer focus. I'll be back in touch as the next few weeks unfold. Enjoy your day... - Paul

Photo of Janet Zagoria

Love the audio track. Your voice is so good! Great project. Such a loving idea to help people with this. I only wish I knew about this for when my parents died many, many years ago. I would have learned so much from them. I was only 23 at the time. Going through the whole hospital routine is so hard to deal with on many levels -- emotionally, physically and physiologically. What you often remember of your departed family members is the worst parts of the process and the lack of connection.

Photo of Paul Ennis

Thanks Janet for the positive feedback. I look forward to planning and production work with you on our website @ - PWE

Photo of Jamie Whittaker

Thank you for the work you are doing on this. You're doing a wonderful job of communicating the importance of people understanding that this is an option! I took a home death care course and even if I never have the chance to use the knowledge gained from it, the actual process of learning about it was completely transformational. The work you're doing is going to create profound change and I wanted to share my gratitude for that. Thank you!

Photo of Paul Ennis

Jamie - And, thank you for your positive feedback and strong endorsement of our efforts. It is much appreciated. The work you are doing thru is of the same nature to me. It is valuable for folks to be presented with the opportunities and perspectives you encourage them to look at/pay attention to - in the manner that you are providing/requiring them to so so. Does that make sense? Inotherwords, I like what you are doing, as well. There is a kinship that many of us share in this whole 'death positive' movement (for lack of a better word). Like you, I am into team and momentum building and the OpenIDEO experience has been very positive for me in that regard. Your 'Mortal(IT)y VR' project is a very cool concept, utilizing technology in ways that are unique and challenging. Shall we join each other's 'teams'? My skillset and background is in advocacy, public relations, marketing, web design and development, etc. None of us know what is actually going to come out of this challenge - as it evolves itself along. What we do know is what we know now - today. My work means something to you and you said so - much appreciated. Your work is intriguing to me, as well. If there is further work for us to do together who knows what it will be/become. Today we know what we know and that is the best way for me to live and stay present. Joining your 'team' would feel good to me, and having you on my 'team' would feel the same to me - what about you? I don't just add people to my team. I ask and see what the mutual interest is and then move forward from there. So, we have a few more days to go in the challenge. Let me know if you want to stand with me in the HDCR arena and please feel free to add me in as a supporter of 'Mortal(IT)y VR' if you are so inclined. Enjoy your day and thanks again for reaching out and sharing your direct positive feedback. Ditto in return... - Paul

Photo of Jamie Whittaker

Thank you for the very kind message. It means a lot coming from you. Your cause is so dear to us and we would love to stand beside you in this effort. We would be happy to be added to your team and to help out. Janine and I have a background in education (teaching post secondary) and event planning. We are now both working in learning and development/corporate training for our day jobs while we work in end-of-life planning on the side. We also host Death Cafe in our city and belong to a Death Network that was created by Death Midwife Sarah Kerr. Her work is amazing and might be of interest to you:  she has done beautiful home funerals. She has taught us a great deal and we have been privileged to apply that knowledge. We recently worked with a widow on an inexpensive interment that would honour the wishes of the deceased. We were able to do so because of the teachings of the inspiring people in our community and I see your project enabling that same kind of thing. You've created such a beautiful project that can make a very real (and necessary) impact on our society. I think we definitely share a mutual interest and our background/skill sets are complementary. Thank you for the work you've done and the spirit with which you have done so. I'm so inspired to see where this all goes. Thank you!

Photo of Paul Ennis

Thanks. We're all teamed up! I put a blurb in about you to define your credentials. If you want to insert the same info about me into your team description - please e-mail and I'll send something blurby along - - Also, Sarah Kerr is amazing and I've reached out to her for connection - thanks for that referral. I'm going to be pretty busy over the next few days as the Refinement phase wraps up (likely you all will be, as well). It would be fun to continue our dialogue/introduction more directly once this part of the OpenIDEO process has been completed. For me, phone calls or Skype calls work good to take things deeper. I'm not going away with the HDCR initiatives - no matter what happens within the OpenIDEO forum. Thus, continuing on and finding out what there is/will be for us and many others to 'do' together is part of the adventure I look forward to with measured anticipation. Direct e-mails, outside of these forum comments, will be the best way for us to continue that process. Yes/No? Talk more soon. Enjoy your day... - Paul

Photo of Jamie Whittaker

Hi Paul,
Thank you! I'm glad you were able to look at Sarah's work. She is a spectacular death midwife and an inspiring teacher. She has created a thriving community here in Calgary and we are all so grateful to her. I agree that it makes most sense to continue our dialogue after the Refinement phase wraps up.  I'm happy to hear that you'll continue on with the HDCR initiatives no matter what happens in this challenge. My email is and I greatly look forward to continuing the conversation! Thank you!

Photo of Diane Ennis

Paul and I are working hard on bringing 'Home Death Care Resources' into reality so that the message there is to spread about the Home Death Care and Home Funeral movement can go forward efficiently and effectively. There are many people and businesses who have shown their support to our efforts already. For that we thank you and it is our goal to continue the activities that have been begun so that all of those who could benefit from the re-imagination of their end-of-life-experience in a more Home Death Care-focused manner can do so. Our motto is pretty clear: "It’s all about communication, education and empowerment." Thanks again for the excellent dialogue, feedback and support. - Diane

Photo of Di Hoang

gathered useful information on this point . Thank you posting relative information and its now becoming easier to complete this assignment

Photo of OpenIDEO

Welcome to the Refinement phase Paul! Here are some key questions and milestones we encourage all idea teams to consider in the Refinement phase:

1. How might this idea address the unique needs of the target audience you're designing for?
2. Clearly summarize the value offering of your idea in 1-2 sentences
3. Communicate your idea in a visual way with user experience maps
4. Identify assumptions that need to be answered in order to validate your value offering:
5. Collect feedback from potential partners and users to answer the assumptions you’ve identified.

Lastly, here's a useful tip: When you update the content of your post, it'd be helpful to indicate this in your idea title by adding an extension. For example, you can add the extension " - Update: Experience Maps 07/12" to you idea title. This will be a good way to keep people informed about how your idea is progressing!

Photo of Paul Ennis

Good Day OpenIDEO,

Now that my Idea is into the 'Refinement Phase' - and thanks very much for that recognition and encouragement - I have some concerns and questions as follows:

1. My project proposal may involve partnering with others, and/or other groups/businesses/non-profit organizations, etc., in order to achieve it's maximum Impact.

2. The lack of transparency, lack of detail, lack of specifics in relation to the potential levels of funding, amount of the awards, etc., that may be awarded, set-up, and/or distributed to the projects/ideas that are eventually selected as 'Top Ideas' by your primary sponsors (Sutter Health and The Helix Centre) is candidly not an easy component of this process to work with.

3. As I've taken my Story/Idea and evolved it into a Project Proposal it is quite clear that there are several different ways that things could be structured to then be carried out and implemented to attain maximum Impact.

4. All of them will require funding, money, contributions, grants, contracts, etc., - of this I'm sure you are aware.

5. Here's my current dilemma... As I talk, let's say to a potential Non-Profit Organization about 'partnering' with me on some implementation ideas - their first question is likely going to be: How much is this going to cost?

6. Makes sense right?

7. We all know that having a great Idea is one thing, and that implementing/carrying that Idea into the world is going to cost money - as well as, time and energy of varying sorts including human capital, hard goods, deliverables, etc.

8. So, if I were in this process in order to attain a grant/prize/award of a certain known amount - that would make it very easy to tailor my Project Proposal - which is now in the Refinement Phase - towards a cost level, or need, related to a set dollar amount, etc.

9. See where I am going with this...? I am a businessman and entrepreneur with many years of experience creating stuff and taking Ideas into Reality.

10. Yet at this point, if I begin to approach others, or even for my own individual purposes/needs, if I cannot know what the 'size' of the financial sea is that I am swimming in - it makes it quite difficult to proceed.

11. Am I swimming in a sea, a lake, a river, or a cup of water? These are very important questions and realities that I do not see are being addressed - at least based upon the information I've received to-date from the OpenIDEO, or read about on your website like here: "Ideally this challenge will yield tangible solutions that Sutter Health, The Helix Centre or other organizations can support or integrate into their business. As the challenge unfolds we'll share more about our goals so you know where we're headed."

12. I am not a greedy person, nor a person who is fearful of spending my time on the development of all that's been done so far.

13. Yet, when I begin to include other folks into my planning cycle and ask for their input and willingness to move forward with me in such-and-such a direction - they, and I, have really no way of knowing how to structure our discussions, conversations, planning processes, and/or brain-storming sessions.

14. And, it is an issue/concern that I do not have an adequate way of addressing or answering at this time.

15. Do you?

16. Honestly, I am having to stop at this point and assess the viability of how to proceed, and/or if to proceed.

17. My putting in time writing and designing a Story, and then an Idea, and now a Project Proposal is one thing. When I involve others - individuals, groups, businesses, NPO's, etc., and ask that they think about, consider, and make a commitment to me to be there if I need them and I cannot tell them how I'm going to pay them for their time, their organization's efforts, etc., then the whole process breaks down.

18. Have Sutter Health and The Helix Centre provided you/OpenIDEO with a range of funding allotments that they are going to be expending on their 'Top Idea' selections?

19. Are there going to be minimum levels of funding, and/or maximum levels of financial commitments that are made to Projects that answer their Challenge question?

20. This is a real issue - that needs some clear and accurate answers/information supplied by the OpenIDEO in return.

Them's my 20 concerns/questions for today.

I'll look forward to your detailed response/reply in return.

Many thanks,

Paul Ennis 

Photo of Joanna Spoth

Hi Paul – thanks for your thoughtful response. Our team understands that clearly identifying funding possibilities early on gives a clear guidepost for some. Our apologies that we're unable to offer that clear support at this point in our challenge. To give you a bit of insight into our process, at the end of the Refinement phase we come together with our team, sponsors, and advisory panel and take a look at all the progress made. At that point, some ideas may be ready for funding and we can discuss options for those particular ideas. Other ideas may be poised and ready for design support or further prototyping and we can similarly discuss options for those ideas. Each idea is tackling a unique part of this monumental topic and is in a different stage of development, and we like to recognize that and approach conversations and offers of support with that in mind. 
Your idea is such an important one and we'd love to see you prototype at least one small part of your idea during the Refinement phase. That will allow you to further gather user research and refine the strategy. Refinement is all about small tests that help move ideas forward!
Please do reach out with additional questions, and keep the fantastic updates and transparency coming.

Photo of Paul Ennis


Thanks, I appreciate your direct reply/response.

There's still a bit of vagueness as I read things and I understand you may not be able to clarify any more than you have.

With that said, the fact that you just said: "At that point, some ideas may be ready for funding and we can discuss options for those particular ideas." sez to me that there is an economic/funding component to this process, albeit one that you, and/or your sponsors, are choosing not to disclose or clarify for whatever reason.


In essence, this process is a creative writing exercise that we are all participating in - to whatever degree we have time and inclination.

Nothing wrong with that - it has been a fun and enlightening several weeks of writing, designing and sharing.

And, the carrot-on-the-end-of-the-shteeck/"offers of support", is just one that each of us has to imagine looks a certain way from each of our different perspectives - since there is no description of whether or not the carrot is orange, purple, green, large or small. (How's that for an analogy?)


Some of us don't care about the money/carrot and will do what we are doing no matter what.

Some of us need the money/carrot and might be quite disappointed at the end of the process to have been hard at work to no avail.

And, some of us would not know what to really do with the money/carrot if we were given it in any amount, as well.

Have I lost you?

For my purposes, I can accept what you have said, turn it into a 'carrot analogy', and trundle along.

With but one caveat: If there is money available, whenever there is money available, whatever form that the money available seems like it will take - I'd like to know in as straight-up of a manner as possible.

'Cuz, while money can't buy me love - it can pay for alot of things that I, and many others, may want to have available to us - under the guise of gaining Impact for our Projects/Proposals IN RE: The re-imagination of the end-of-life experience for ourselves and our loved ones, which we are all hard at work on designing and expecting to do something with at some point down the road.

(((BTW - Last I checked there are not too many printers, media outlets, NPO's, businesses, or fellow travelers within the OpenIDEO universe who will actually accept 'carrots' as currency in exchange for their services and expertise. Of that I want to be perfectly clear, IN RE my above-stated analogous construct. Some will work for 'peanuts', in fact who of us in the social services, creative, artistic, and/or design fields can honestly say that they have not done so somewhere along our career paths.)))

Enjoy your day @jospoth... I will continue to do so, as well.

~~~ PWE

Photo of Kateyanne Unullisi

Paul - great thinking, which reflects the years of work and experience already put together at the National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA) . Hate to see you re-invent the wheel. Would be great to help what's already in place - especially #5! As for Green Burials, same thing there . There is a solid national organization you may want to dig into - have you approached anyone there to join your team? Here's what's available today at the NHFA:

1. Great idea. You might take a look at NHFA in the News to see some examples of press coverage about home funerals.

2. This exists. It includes directories to home funeral guides and others at It would be great if you find folks who are not on the directory get added.

3. On the National Home Funeral Alliance website, we have the following ways to outreach:

- Home Funeral and Green Burial Speakers' bureau
- Regional Home Funeral Networks
- Resources and presentations already written to reach out to your own community

4. The National Home Funeral Alliance holds a bi-annual conference where folks attend to learn everything home funeral. Plus,
-workshops and teachers around the country. You can find them here
- upcoming events here
- Monthly teleconferences to hear from those in the field
- Listen to past teleconferences here
- Monthly newsletter to highlight top home funeral news to our members (membership is free)
- A lively and engaged Facebook page with over 2,000 members

5. Would love help with this. We've had a dream of being on 60 Minutes! :) What media wants is to be able to attend a 'real' home funeral, as it is happening. This is harder than it sounds, as most folks want their privacy.

Photo of Paul Ennis

Kateyanne - Absolutely. Yes, and yes, on all of your points (especially #5). I too believe that re-inventing the wheel would, and is likely not necessary. Time is of the essence at this point and you've made it quite clear to me how busy you are. With that said, is there anyone else other than, or in addition to you, that I can have some clearly focused conversations, brain-storming sessions, decision-making sessions with at the NHFA? I love what you have done as an organization and I see great potential for working together. This OpenIDEO process has some fairly tight timelines that have to be followed. Can the NHFA move quickly and decisively enough over the next 20+ days? These are not my timelines/deadlines - these are time constraints that are a part of this process and for me, the goal is not to miss the opportunity. Thus, I've had to design and structure my proposal accordingly. So, please know that I am totally open to partnering and would be glad to talk with, and be able to make some decisions with you, or whomever is able to do so within the NHFA. I respect you and your expressed limits. I respect the NHFA and you, or someone else from within the organization, needs to let me know what the best way will be to proceed. My goal is to do all of the things I've proposed in support of the lovely, powerful, and very right Home Death Care/Funeral movement/people. If we can do it together as partners thru the NHFA I will be quite happy. If there has to be another form that this project, this energy, takes shape as - I will also be quite happy. Again, the time constraints are not mine - I do respect them and have to abide by them. Talking via long messages herein, is not gonna accomplish what we need to have happen. I can re-write this project and update anything as easily as - 'click' - that. I'll be glad to do the legwork, the development work, the nuts-and-bolts, etc. Why? 'Cuz it is my project at this point and I have ramped up my awareness and time commitments accordingly. I trust you get my point(s)... There's work to be done. Please point me in whatever direction towards the NHFA that works best for you and the organization - so that we can all reach as clear of an understanding as possible of how we might be able to work together - in a timely manner. Thanks again for your engagement and excellent input to-date. I would suggest we talk on the phone next. How about you? Best. - Paul

Photo of Justin Magnuson, MA, LMT


I think there is a lot of overlap with our projects. I really appreciate how you break down your project into the different spheres of the Open IDEO subject matter.  I agree that agency and honoring the values of a person are of utmost importance, but the proper resources need to be available and plans need to be in place. 

I think the literature would support the perspective that people should have agency and options in their EoL wishes, but people who want to die at home and their caregivers need to be prepared. If they are not, sadly, the experience is potentially as bad or worse than being in a facility. Let's be in touch, I could really use your perspective with the resource guide as it moves forward. 



Photo of Paul Ennis

Justin - Agreed per your comments. Let's talk on the phone. Too much typing for me within these little boxes. My e-mail = pebds-at-comcast-dot-net We can exchange phone numbers and schedule a time more securely via e-mail. Enjoy your day... - PWE

Photo of Justin Magnuson, MA, LMT

Agreed, sorry for the slow reply, I'm on vacation and only connected briefly.  I hope you get my email, just so you know your email address shows up in the window spelled out. I hope I entered it correctly. 


Photo of Paul Ennis

Not a problem. Vacations are essential - timely replies in the summertime - not so much so. - PWE

Photo of Tee Clare

This is beautifully done Paul. Things need to be simplified at end of life, and not more complicated. Your project helps keep death in perspective, as just another phase of the life cycle.
Good job.

Photo of Paul Ennis

Tee - Many thanks for the positive feedback. As one who is working directly with folks at the end of their lives - your perspectives and insights are most welcome. What I'd like to see this project do is to amplify and magnify your work (and so many others) so that more and more of us - who will inevitably face the ends of our lives - will know and understand our choices much better than most folks do at this time. It's all about education and empowerment. Knowledge is power and I want to work with others towards the goal of increasing their knowledge of Home Death Care practices that they can use right now/today. Thanks for joining the conversation. Best. - Paul

Photo of Jerrigrace Lyons

Hi Paul,
I'm so glad that you discovered this amazing and powerful approach to caring for our own at death. 20 years ago in Sebastopol, CA I started the first non-profit, Final Passages: Institute of Conscious Dying, Home Funeral and Green Burial Education ( with the mission of informing people about their rights to care for their own dead. Since that time we have traveled internationally teaching people how to prepare for death and what it is to be a midwife and home funeral guide for those in transition. We have personally assisted nearly 400 families and had hundreds of people take our courses. It has been the most profound path watching so many people transform fear into love, helplessness into creative grief rituals and deep despair into feeling supported and cared for. As Olivia said, we are just at the beginning and within a few more years everyone will know of this option. Of this I feel certain. Everyday I receive more articles about green home funerals and burial and now many other new choices for disposition coming down the pike. I give thanks for every person who awakens to this humane and ancient art and wisdom of our ancestors. Blessings to you and all who are willing to explore their own life and inevitable passage. Jerrigrace Lyons, Executive Director Final Passages, Death Midwife, Home Funeral Guide.

Photo of Paul Ennis

Jerrigrace - Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the catch-up and education. Are you aware that we're based only miles from each other? Seems like it would be good to meet. Yes/No? My e-mail is pebds-at-comcast-dot-net Let's connect via e-mail to continue our introduction. Enjoy your day... - Paul

Photo of Justin Magnuson, MA, LMT

I am loving this platform for learning about all of these great ideas. 



Photo of Paul Ennis

Yea, some days I have to pull myself away and get back to living and putting the learning into motion. Life is good... - PWE

Photo of Leah White

You are an amazing soul and what you did is just the purest act of love I have ever been witness to.

Photo of Paul Ennis

Leah - Thank you from me. Thank you from my Dad and Mom. I was/am just passing their love forward. And, remember we're all just mirrors for each other. Without you I would not be here in the midst of all that's happening. Hugs. - Paul

Photo of Sara Williams

Wow, Paul.  Good on you for sharing this beautiful story about home death care from your personal experience!  You are a great storyteller!  Love love love your enthusiasm!   Please consider membership (FREE!) in the National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA)!   Sara Williams, NHFA Board Member

Photo of Paul Ennis

Sara - Thanks for the feedback and support. It's actually been an easy story to tell 'cuz it was so real and so true of an experience. I'm sure you've heard that before from other 'home death care newbies' BTW, I am already a member of NHFA via Kateyanne's invite. If you'd like to follow-up directly please do via my e-mail: pebds-at-comcast-dot-net There is more to discuss about the road ahead and what is building here within the OpenIDEO. I am located in Sebastopol and have just met Jerrigrace Lyons via this forum and e-mail and we'll be meeting together upon her return from teaching travels. My interest, due to my experiences in 2015, is in education/outreach and communications. Those are things you and I could discuss further if that feels OK to you. Thanks again for joining the conversation herein - it is important. Enjoy your day... - Paul

Photo of Olivia Bareham

Hi Paul!  I'm thrilled that you are guiding others to this powerful experience, it is something that our culture will benefit from in so many ways.  I have been helping families in Los Angeles for the past 10 years through my company Sacred Crossings ( Everyone who participates is profoundly changed, and, like yourself, can't imagine caring for their dead any other way. As Kateyanne mentions, the NHFA is a great resource for anything Home Funerals a wonderful organization that anyone can join for no charge to receive guidance and resources. This is a movement that has only just begun. Thank you for your passionate support.  Olivia Bareham, Death Midwife, Home Funeral Guide.

Photo of Paul Ennis

Olivia - Thanks for the feedback and support. Yes, it is a powerful experience to go through and having done so you are exactly right - if at all possible I can't imagine caring for/with someone at the end of their life in any other way. For me now, it's all about choice and making sure that folks know they have the right to choose HDC if they so desire. Kudos to you for your direct engagement with so many others. For me it was my Dad and Mom's passages that quite simply put me into the middle of what Home Death Care was/is all about. I did not actually know what those three words meant before 2015. Now I do and I want to explore what this OpenIDEO challenge may lead to in relation to helping others learn about, be aware of and practice HDC within their limits. You and Kateyanne are so much more on the front lines of it all. Together, along with the many others I'm beginning to learn about and meet, we'll be able to make the changes that are necessary. The heart is a very powerful source of power and once awakened will not be denied. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Please keep in touch with this OpenIDEO process as it continues to unfold. Input, communication, engagement are necessary so that others can come to know what we do. Enjoy your day... - Paul

Photo of Kateyanne Unullisi

Hi Paul - it's inspiring how passionate you are on this subject. The National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA) is a 501 C-3 non profit dedicated to educating and empowering families to care for their own after death. NHFAhas directories for folks to find home funeral guides, teachers, workshops, death and dying guides, and much more. This resource is a national and international listing of people who have been asking these questions - and taking action - some for decades. There are also three books written by the NHFA that help any family or group understand all that's required for a home funeral and how to do it themselves. . Thanks for all your work on behalf of families everywhere. Kateyanne, NHFA board member

Photo of Paul Ennis

Kateyanne - My passion dovetails with yours so nicely. Thanks for the props and your detailed reply. The distribution of knowledge and information is clearly key to both of our interests/missions. As this OpenIDEO process continues to unfold that part of the process is going to gain weight/value and importance for the both of us. Looking forward to it am I. Best. - Paul