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What Really Matters at the End of Life

A moving talk which asks big questions about how we think on death and honor life

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What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Dying is a necessary part of life
What could become your priorities at the end of life
Life is about making life more wonderful rather than just less horrible


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Photo of Jane GAO

This video gave me a deep feeling, one of the most sensitive sentences for me is "what's most important to people who are closer to death: comfort; feeling unburdened and unburdening to those they love; existential peace; and a sense of wonderment and spirituality." Most people who are approaching the death have to endure the torture of the pain, this reminds me what my grandma suffered at the end of life. The support from family, friends or medical staffs is their spiritual pillar. 

Photo of Morgan Meinel

Jane, you bring up an essential component of the end of life experience - support. With support and care from family members, friends, and whomever may be helping from a medical standpoint, the end of life experience for someone can be transformed into one of love, comfort, and meaning. Acknowledging the importance of this - as a community, as an interdependent species, is so important! We're all in this together - may we feel inspired to speak openly and honestly about our worries and concerns and support each other through it all. Thanks so much for your contribution! :) 

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