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The only certainty is change

This is a copy of my post on our blog "navigate on trust" - the story of how an adventurous love and life together suddenly ended.

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The attached image is a copy of my blog post on our website "navigate on trust" after the death of my great love and life teacher. 

Navigate on Trust is a blog, a research, and a way of living. It is the philosophy of living a life based on trust instead of fear, and following the map of the moment instead of a pre-planned future.

It all began many years ago, when Fenja travelled to Ecuador. On the blue Ecuadorian ocean shore she met Roberto—a longhaired Ecuadorian surfer, whose wisdom went much beyond his years. It was a cross-pollination that changed their lives forever, fortifying their longing to lead a life different from what most modern societies demand.  In late 2012 Fenja and Roberto left their old lives behind to start a life experiment and research about other ways – and above all – other ethics of living, as they both felt that their lives demanded a well-organised and materialistic complete existence, but was not the answer in leading a fulfilled one.

Most people who knew Roberto him referred to him as "el professor" – the teacher. He was an inspiration, not only in words, but a true living example of somebody who has mastered the art of living by pursuing a life of detachment. A few years before their encounter Roberto took the conscious decision of taking distance from all materialistic belongings beside a surfboard and a tent, and the main force of being his love for nature, and particularly the ocean. In 2015 their story, together came to an end, due to Roberto's sudden passing. 


The only certainty is change

This month, December 2016, it is three years ago that Roberto and me started our journey, after we fell in love - a little more than four years ago - on the blue Ecuadorian ocean shore. Our encounter was not only love on first sight, but a cross-pollination that changed our lives forever, fortifying our longing to lead a different life than what most modern societies demand. 

The result was a travel and life experiment we baptised 'navigate on trust;' meaning trusting in life and ourselves, following the unknown, and let the present moment be our guide, while using our hearts as our compass. We had no big savings and no particular destination in mind - only the intention and desire to be together, connect and share with people, encounter new ideas and insights. It meant detaching to physical and material things as much as possible, and embrace uncertainty to the fullest - giving up our attachment to specific results and destinations and let the universe handle the details. But, it also meant living the years like it were our last, enjoying our love, life, and nature, even when we didn’t know the outcome. 

That the outcome would be this - Roberto's death on December 6 - and we would separate our physical existence together is, the least to say, the ultimate super challenge of that philosophy, and I hope that that same philosophy will fill the hole in my heart, give me the strength to keep going, and lead me safely into the future without my great great love and life teacher on my side. 

I will continue 'navigate on trust' and try to understand, investigate, and live it even more profound and dedicate all the good that it will bring to him.

My love: nothing lasts forever, except for love, and especially ours. I know we are together always.

- Fenja

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Perhaps an inspiration of how to continue after the loss of a true love.

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Fenja (Dutch, 1982) worked throughout the world, as a design researcher for international social design studio Butterfly Works, and individually as an art director and creative entrepreneur.


Fenja Sepers

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