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The many forms of living and the single form of dying.

A piece about life and its various forms in contrast to the single state of death

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Life holds a different name for different people.

Some area living dead

Listless and with no view into the blisses that are possible in this world. Lack of reach of Maslow’s basic states of being nourished, sheltered and safe result in the statelessness that is the living dead. After all, how do I crack a smile while battling the threats of my belly ridden kwashiorkor? You are asking for too much.

Some are living

Purely moving cross the earth occupying matter and taking up space. With hands that can build circles from squares they instead choose not to engage. It’s as if these people were invited to the world to spectate, they feel no pressing need to contribute to the mass call of ‘existing beyond their own breath’. They have no view of the connectedness and inter-dependence that sustains life. Here we just are, for the sake of ourselves

And some are alive

In tune with the cosmic vibrations where if the earth moves in a Chinese earthquake, their heartstrings are pulled apart by the pain, yes they will live through it, but for that moment, they pause life and acknowledge the breaking of that single shard of glass a continent away.

But these also sip of the earth’s goodness. When the ocean is clean, their souls can breathe purer air, when a baby is born, they can taste the evolution, and when time moves, they move with it.

In this active participation with the universe, here we morph the cosmic to our energies, and darkness is afraid of our mood because it will be swallowed by it. Here the light loves my smile, because it feeds from it.

Then death happens

….and there we are all the same; once again, no prince, no pauper, we are all simply grounded.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

To live fully

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