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Talking about dead, 42 years are not enough to be prepared.

This is the Story of David, and his experiences with DEAD.

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This is the Story of David, and his experiences with DEATH.

David told me that he does not have so much memories about his childhood, he compares with “other People” who remember a lot of events but he really does not remember that much.

Talking about dead, his First memory is the death of “The mother of his father”, as you can see he was not really sentimentally attached to her, he didn’t even called her “grandma”. The day she died he didn’t cry, actually he wasn’t extremely sad. That fat worried David, was he wrong? Was something wrong with him? Why he didn’t really felt bad about the dead of his grandma? He was more les 5-8 years old when this event occurred.

4 Years later the “father of his mom”, again he didn’t used the word Grandfather, died.

Couple of years later a his Uncle died – it was a surprising dead because he was not sick, he suffered a critical heart attack and died of a sudden.

Dead was not a recurrent topic in David’s Life, he felt that in his early years no one REALLY CLOSE to him have died. He was worried, and a thought used to be in his mind: What will he do when his mother die? David was the youngest of 6 brothers, the spoiled one, and his relation with his mom was extremely close. Was the life preparing David to his event? Could he really face it?

The first big test was the DIAGNOSIS of his dad with PROSTATE CANCER, usually he translates the word CANCER into “DEAD”, even if in much cases is a curable disease, and we know that this kind of diagnosis does not come Easy. It was painful, but David found relief in his 5 brothers, all working together to help his dad, but the one that REALLY took much of the weight was HIS MOM. David say that DEAD was fair with his dad, he was a good man, not rancorous, so dead came with not much pain.

Finally, the awful date came… During a trip in Spain David received a message from his brothers; his mom was at the hospital. He took a plane but arrived late, just in time for the burial. Even today David can’t remember the exact day, he says he’s been working on it but his mid still is blocking the date…

42 years did not seem like time enough to prepare for the dead of the most beloved person in David’s Life. Even if he have had challenges in his life, no one tough him enough to be able to accept the dead of his mom.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

- Even if we have a lifetime to get used to dead, we are never prepared to face it.
- For most of the people blood bonds are the hardest challenges when facing dead.
- Dead is not a comfortable topic to speak with a stranger, but probably is less controversial than talking about politics or Religion
- Dead depends on the Theoretical Framework: Biology, Religion, Physics

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