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Role play in death experience - imagine and participate regardless of your ages

Share the relationship of design and death experience; emotion attachment findings

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Life Journey Centre is the first and unique Centre in Asia which serves to “enlighten, engage, and encourage”. The concept and the content of the Centre have been developed with great support from various sectors of the community, particularly from the specialists of Game Design and Development of Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design.

Through a 60 minutes innovative and interactive “time tunnel” journey (4 zones, “Are you ready for the Journey”, “Many Choices in Life”, “One-way Tunnel” and “Rest in Peace”), enriched by multi-media exhibits, demonstrations, audio and visual effects, participants can have more inspiration and understanding of their life journey, be able to accept being old and treasure time, have empathy and respect for the elderly.

Job experience as an encoffineer. from "Departures" a Japanese film and 
**Winner of the 2009 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film**.


• One scene of the death ceremony. 

Life, behavior and death in sustainable design, lecture at FABRICA in January 2016.

Designers can contribute significantly to sustainability issues by enhancing emotional attachment and user experience. This approach produces positive outcomes such as joyful interaction, longer product lifespan and sustainable behaviors during product operation and end of life.

During his lecture Prof. Alex Lobos (Associate Professor of Industrial Design and Miller Professor for International Education at Rochester Institute of Technology) discusses relevant strategies for sustainable design and presents recent projects from Rochester Institute of Technology’s Industrial Design program that explore lifecycle in electronic devices, positive user behavior in home appliances, and improved experiences for people who face death personally or through someone close to them.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Design creates a better experience in the last stage of life.

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