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Peace and time for closure

I greatly appreciated the time of more than one hour the medical staff gave me to sit with my father's body when he'd stopped breathing.

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After my father was taken off life support, he stopped breathing. The medical staff refrained from coming into the room or pulling out the tubes. As a result, I could sit in meditation with my father's body for what was an infinity, perhaps 2 hours in time. It was the right way to be with my father as consciousness left his body. I greatly appreciated the medical staff not coming in. Only when I was ready, and the body started giving out the gas that the nurses came in. This happened in a hospital in New York. I'm still filled with gratitude for this respect and empathy of the staff.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying


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Shane, Morgan, and Phyllis, I really appreciate your comments and your views and beliefs in the sacred when consciousness leaves a body. To OpenIDEO's Shane, I'd like to form a team, with anyone else interested in following up (eg Phyllis who is a Buddhist Chaplain), but it looks like we cannot form teams yet at the Inspiration phase.  There are already religious rites performed at death, and additionally I am interested in developing these end of life practise for all (the family, the medical staff, etc) regardless of religion, to acknowledge a sacred moment in the passing of life.

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