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Sharing of significant (and funny) life experiences through the Internet

Sharing experiences means coming to terms with death; uncovering the tabu about addressing it; feeling useful through the passing of notions

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In thinking about how I could reimagine dying, I envisaged a platform where every person could share something meaningful they learned through life, be it a funny experience, a significant value, actually anything that could be useful to other people and that could positively affect their lives. I thought of a platform, because I believe the core need of dying people is a crave for connection: at the end of life, people would like to feel part of something, which might be indeed represented by the closest relatives, but also something bigger: through the platform, people could have an impact potentially on everybody on earth. This would allow dying people - who now are often at the borders of society, and feel themselves like a burden - to instead be an integral and essential part of it still.  At the same time, the platform could be an important basis for every person to experience death in a more indirect, though weighty way: in reading about dying people's life experiences, one cannot overlook the fact that death is inextricably intertwined in them, for these people come to reflect on life before passing. As such, the platform would address the "tabu" of death, which in modern society is mostly denied, or talked about in negative frameworks only. Moreover, shared experiences need not to be sad or heartbreaking: I would instead encourage people to share funny and significant stories or insights, that might then bring acceptance of both the bad stuff (fear, anxiety, negative emotions) in the good stuff.

Through the platform, people would have impact on other people, much like rain, sun, etc. have an impact on trees, making them grow (and making them what they are).

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Opening yourself up for connection when you know you are bound to die in a short period of time implies vulnerability, but means receiving joy and having the possibility of positively impact other people's lives.


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I love this idea of community building, thus meaning-making, at the end of life... And I strongly believe in the dichotomy of comedy & drama, or sadness & joy, & its potential for opening & connecting. Goodness.

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