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Sharing a story about how the body can still hear just after dying.

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As a person of Islamic faith we always had our own stories and versions of what happens after death, and the process of death and experience is quite detailed in our Islamic texts. However it's always exciting when you hear about scientific stories that resemble some sort of support into any faith stories. I once read that for a long time, doctors and scientists thought that the brain was the last organ to die/perish during the process of dying. However new information and medical research proved that the ear was the last of the body's senses to go. I remember at the time, this was amazing breakthrough for people who felt they still needed to tell their loved ones how much they loved them, or anything else they never had the chance to say. This information opened up that door, for closure. I think closure is an important thing to have, for a loved one watching another loved one pass away.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Knowing that people have a final opportunity to say goodbye, is important for those dying as well as those they leave behind.

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Sydney, Australia


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I didn't know that about the ear, Kay Ess.  I would be very interested to hear about the stories behind death according to the Islamic faith. Does that tie into what you said about the ear and goodbyes? Personally, I think that beliefs can be as real as science. In chinese culture and I think other cultures, we believe that spirits stay with us and it's impacted the way I've processed death. Check out Religion, spirituality, or just tradition?  for more.

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Hi Aaron!

Thanks for your comments. I just had a look at your post and it was beautiful. I will comment on it directly. To answer your question though, I have done a lot of research in the past when I was very curious on the topic of death as it is obviously intriguing, however have forgotten a lot of the details. In general though, Islamic faith believes we live eternally after death and earth is only temporary. We also believe that the body is just a vessel and the soul can still hear, see and feel everything as it does in its human form but at a higher more intense level. Hence we are very very delicate in how we handle dead bodies. As if they were still alive. So yes... in a way, when I read that the hearing was last to go, it was nice to know that it is somewhat correlated to our belief. I hope this answer helps. By the way, I loved your post, just thought I would mention that again.

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