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Last Will Pill

There has been a lot of discussion about euthanasia in The Netherlands, about legally taking your own life, without doctor's assistance.

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As in many countries, there has always been a lot of discussion (and controversy) about the right to perform euthanasia, whether people should be able to ask their doctor to end their life. But another discussion, which is going on for over 20 years now, is how to legalize taking your own life. What later became a famous example started as a hypothetical suggestion by a former judge to provide elderly with a last will pill , or suicide pill, better known as Drion's Pill (

But recently this hypothetical discussion took a new term when a bill was proposed to legalize this and make the use of such a pill, without doctor's prescription or assistance.

If this bill would pass, that could dramatically change life endings for many people, giving them much more control over how and when their life should end.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Being able to choose your own death legally, without doctor's assistance will open up whole new possibilities for (terminally) ill and/or elderly people...and will stir up a whole new societal and religious discussion on whether we have a 'right to die'.


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I believe it might. Although not all beliefs allow believers to be empowered in this way, I think that the responsibility that comes from this choice could strengthen someone's beliefs.

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