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It's an inside job. It's personal.

Our medicalized lives distract us from the inner work we all must do to experience joy and peace all the way to the end of our physicality.

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What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

We can't depend upon our $2.9 trillion American healthcare system to help us live fully all the way to the end. Standard care leads us to die in the ICU robbing us of the opportunity to explore and experience our transcendence to another dimension. We do not need to wait for public policy or medicine to change; we can each do this for ourselves as the title of my book says, I'll Have It My Way.

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My book, I'll Have It My Way, was written because I was confused about my mom's death. It made no sense to me what was done to her so I starting sorting it all out in seriousness when I turned sixty in 2010. My curiosity lead me to the shocking fact that is it nearly impossible to die. My own longing to live fully all the way to the end pushed me to figure out what I had to do for myself to make sure that "I have it my way" when it is time for me to leave this life.


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The key questions: "How large is your faith?" How connected are you with others?  How connected are you with yourself?  How connected are you with God?"   Most have trouble answering such questions.

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