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Is there a camel in the room?

Reinvent that ontology-cosmology derived from the big bang's rise to re-establish pathways through the finite-infinite eye of the needle.

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Three idealized phases in life that prepare us for the next:

The Me. It focuses on creating order and on learning all the continuity conditions of life. It generally ranges from birth to about 30 years old. 

The We. It focuses primarily on relations and symmetries, family and friends. It generally ranges from 30 to 60 years old.  

The Thee.  If focuses on harmony of the spheres, universals and constants, all things everywhere, and then throughout all time.  It ideally ranges from 60 until we die. These are the wisdom years and our most dynamics years. We need to demand it of ourselves and of those who are entering this period of life.

This trifurcation of an individual life reflects a deep organizational structure throughout all times and all places right from the Planck base units to this very moment.  

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

In the span of history, we are still very, very young. Our sciences are still laying foundations. And, we all are struggling to grasp the nature of life and death. Our models of life need to penetrate reality as deeply as possible yet be as simple as possible. Our models need to be more complete, more integrative, more loving, more gentle, and more empowering. Let's celebrate life.

Tell us about your work experience:

1. Think tank, Synectics (with WJJ Gordon), Cambridge, MA 2. Foundations Physics/Theology, 1973-1980, BU, Harvard, MIT 3. Business startups 1980-1994, with IBM and others 4. TV Producer, 1994-2012

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