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Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) & the End-of-Life Experience (or Wired For Connection)

A synthesis of how tapping into our relationally wired brains can alleviate end-of-life trauma.

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How can the deeply relational nature of the human brain be leveraged to create a better end-of-life experience? This question drove my analysis of the interplay between IPNB tenants, end-of-life social/historical details, and Badenoch's expanded view of trauma (painful and frightening experiences that remain uncomforted and disintegrated). 

The summarized findings: The end-of-life experience is innately traumatic. When families and caregivers are unaware of how detachment and cultural avoidance of death impacts the ill/elderly, they unwittingly perpetuate trauma. Trauma is alleviated and a better end-of-life experience ensues, however, when all parties understand the brain's need for connection and prioritize connection and empathy. (Skim through the attached paper for more details.)

Inspired by: the end-of-life experiences of those dear to me; Being Mortal (Dr. Atul Gawande); and Dr. Bill Thomas' work with the Green House Project and Eden Alternative.

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Attunement and proximity to an integrated brain is often soothing, whereas rejection or dismissiveness can activate the brain in the same way physical pain does. Ill/elderly clients have been found to progress better medically when their support networks are attuned, and, conversely, to deteriorate at a greater rate when dismissed by those closest to them, both care providers and family.

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