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"If I die" Facebook app for last messages to loved-ones - great or creepy?

Creative way of handling (potential) death with humour and social media

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What will I leave behind? I guess most of us have thought about that at one point or another - on a philosophical level or on a more pratical one. 

Some time ago I was thinking of what memories and thoughts I would leave behind, and to who, if something happened to me suddenly, or maybe not even so suddenly.

I did a simple research and came accross this idea/app that provides a creative solution - it allows you to schedule a message (or messages) that can be sent through social media to people you love after you pass. Your death needs to be confirmed by three friends of yours (trustees) and these confirmations unlock the message. Check out this article for more info. 

I haven't used it and I am still not sure how I feel about it but I am fascinated by the way this company has approached the topic with humour. It has also opened a new perspective on the power of social media for me. 

 But I was wondering if that's a good solution for staying connected to loved-ones even after you pass. Or if staying connected is even necessary? 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

> Does leaving a message behind for your loved-ones provide closure or rather disturbance and more grief? > Can social media help us stay connected with the people we love even after we pass and should it do that? > What last words/thoughts/memories/objects would you want to leave behind? > And how can we use humour to handle death?


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Thanks, Joanna Spoth ! I really enjoy these provokations too. Such interesting perspectives. I saw that there are several posts about death and social media with very different and exciting comments. 

Thanks for your post, Stephen Yungbluth ! I really like the idea of being able to enter a "death date" to a social profile - such a simple solution actually and something to explore in the idea phase of this challenge I think. Your point about social media being a good way for people to stay connected after the person has passed is also really interesting. I also enjoyed reading the comment in the post Social Media and Death by Marije de Haas where she talks about using social media as a way to share the news about the death of a loved-one with a broad network instead of telling everyone personally. For some parts of the end of life experience personal connection and interaction is maybe better, but I guess not for all. So social media has something to offer there, I just wonder what the best features of social media for this type of experiences might be. 

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