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Funeral Selfies

1 in 5 Millennials are OK with taking a selfie at a funeral. Is this progress?

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Super short article in HuffPo about the willingness of millennials to take selfies:

"For some people, every time is the right time for a selfie.

One in five millennials are OK with taking a selfie at a funeral, according to a survey conducted by Luster Premium White, a maker of teeth-whitening products.

Considering the survey estimates that the average millennial spends around 54 hours a year taking selfies, it’s doubtful there will be any kind of “selfie control” anytime soon."

I imagine this information may result in some negative reactions, but I'm curious about how this attitude may actually result in more conversation or transparency around dying.

As we look ahead to the next generation that will be aging, how might this mindset carry forward into that stage of their life? Will we see dying selfies down the road?

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

What role does lightness play in the end-of-life experience?


HuffPo, and all those taking selfies.


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Funeral selfies might be a strange way to capture such a dark moment, but what about text messages? One teenager has created a tumblr blog where he collects the last text message conversation they had with their loved one before they passed away. Read more here:

 Is it possible to extract digital from death nowadays?

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Joanna, interesting provocation which reminded me Shauna's post:
Like @marinedalais, I'm curious to know if they would do selfies of themselves dying.
It reminded me the installation by Sophie Calle which was not about a selfie but raised similar discussions about "boundaries" and norms.
This raises -it seems to me - a question about boundaries that death rituals create. 

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as of this writing, there are ~338K posts on Instagram that have the #funeral or #funerals hashtag, which puts this in the same neighborhood of posts that have the #really, #sarcasm, and #cutest hashtags (individually, not together).


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WOW. Super interesting, Oonie.

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Awkward. Maybe "cool" awkward in the way that it does mean that Millenials have a different view about death, making it less "tragic". It would indeed be interesting to see in the old age if this, will still be a tendency. Are they going to post selfies of themselves in their last days? Is this going to be a way of passing a message? - "This is how death looks like" in a way.. 

It does raise debate regarding lack of respect for death ceremony though, making it all sel-centered. Kind of really sad..