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"Council of Friends" - A take on Bruce Feiler's "The council of Dads"

Actively recruit a dedicated team of friends to represent you at future family moments, when you depart this world.

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When Bruce Feiler was diagnosed with a rare and deadly form of cancer, he worried about his twin 3-year old daughters. Like most cancer patients, Bruce was not sure about the trajectory of his health. He imagined all the experiences he would miss with his daughters.

Together with his wife, Feiler reached out to men from different walks of his life. His request to them was simple and honest. "I believe my girls will have plenty of opportunities in their lives[.] They'll have loving families and welcoming homes, but they may not have me. They may not have their dad. Will you help be their dad?" Six men came together and formed "The Council of Dads".

While Feiler is still living, his 'Council of Dads' still exists, and have become his daughters' friends as well.


TEDMED 2010 Talk

Book: "The Council of Dads - My Daughters, My illness and The Men Who Could Be Me" - Bruce Feiler

-Bruce Feiler's Cancer Diary

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Celebrate comes from the Latin word celebrare, 'to assemble to honour'. We plan & celebrate weddings with our family & friends. However, we don't engage our friends to support our families during a difficult end-of-life transition, let alone after we die. Imagine creating a "Council of friends" today. When we are ill, the Council takes over. When we die, it breathes life into our relationships.


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