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Don’t wait until it’s too late

From my own experience

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    My experience about the end-of-life for our loved ones started when I was 11. In that time I was study in primary school. My Grandmother was death with lots of diseases which are diabetes, paralysis and kidney disease. I could say that I have no good relationship with my grandmother because she always complain me and compare me with my brother. After I knew that she was death, all of my memorises during I spend time with her come into my head. I was thinking round and round why that time I didn’t do like this with her or why I didn’t speak gently to her.

    In 2008 while I studied in university, I received a phone call from my mom that my grandfather got cancer. All of my family and my relatives knew this except my grandfather. We believe that if he knew about his health, it might be worst. Thus, we try to keep it in secret. This situation remind me to think about the past. However, I decide to make it change and better. Every time I met my grandfather I always express love to him by kiss him, hug him and hold his hand when we go outside. With my action, my mom told me that my grandfather never got this experience form my mom and her brothers and sisters. It was only me who express this action to him. At first time when I did it, I feel shy but I believe that in the future I will feel sorry or guilty if I not do it in this time.

    Tell the truth, from my directly experience, if you could reimagine the end-of-life for ourselves and our lovers, just make it and just do it. Express all of your emotion (I mean in positive way), enjoy with them, spend time with them as you can. You will never know today might be the last day that you can spend time with them. Do it and make it before it too late.

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Bangkok, Thailand


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Darin hello
Thanks for sharing. I very much appreciate your story and recognize how hard it can be to change how we approach and appreciate family members with whom we sometimes have a difficult or limited relationship. Like you say, the expression of love and kindness are not experiences that you or anyone can ever look back on with regret. Indeed the kindness you express towards your grandfather will be always be a treasure to both you and him and you might find others around you being influenced by your behavior. 

Photo of Darin Mint

Thank you that you read and like my post Noni. I think at least I could give a good memorise for my grandfather. and as you said about people around me, I hope they will do so and I also hope that my post could motive other to do this action for their lovers.

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