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Death Cafes

Death Cafes is an amazing movement where people talk about death over tea, often at a graveyards. Here's their b-plan for a physical space.

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Reading this is an inspiring concept for how they were trying to create a permanent place in london to have this conversation. the crowdfunding campaign didn't work, but this may inspire some of you! It did to me.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How might we create a permanent space to discuss the impermanence of life? What would the benefits be?

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Human Library Project


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I have to admit I find this idea very intriguing - as a brand experience person, I can see why this would be on retro-Victorian memento mori trend, and counter-cultural. But also, in a way, its like Crossfit for cafes, a highly organized, franchisable and social space for doing what we should probably already be doing (talking comfortably about death) but aren't. I was only able to get through the first ten pages or so of the business plan (sorry, digital native attention span) but when I got to "brunch menu items" it seemed to me that the marriage of profit and social cause was geared a bit too meatily toward the former. I do like the idea of there being an environment in the commons that structure activities and conversations around death – enabling us to come into contact with mortality without being directly involved with someone at end-of-life, but do we need more places that serve iced-buns?

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