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Dead while still alive

Death is absence and people may be absent of their own life as well.

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“Sometimes death has to do with how you live your life” said Alberto, and then started explaining me how being so aware of life can make you very aware of death.

Because growing up in a world where meaningful experiences are enhanced, awakes in you the urgent felling to seize everything life has to offer.

But not everything in life is sublime, even though society continuously tells you that apparently it should be. So anxiety is triggered.

As you grow up, the acceptance of common and mundane experiences becomes regular. Routine, habits and responsibilities confront you with the idea that maybe your life isn’t as meaningful as you though it will be. So instead of chasing after significant experiences to enrich your life, one day you start chasing comfort.

Living a comfortable life rather than a meaningful one isn’t a terrible thing, but if comfort makes you forget about the things that move you, then death appears in the form of unhappiness, deception and dissatisfaction.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

If death is a kind of absence, people can be absent of their own life as well. A way to overcome that absence is helping them to regain passion, ambition and achieve some form of transcendence.

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I’m an industrial designer dedicated to innovation strategies and user-centered design.

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Mexico City


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